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  1. This car has been nothing but a giant headache since I picked it up. The camshaft position sensor was changed on it when it shot the error code at me. We fixed it, and it's still shooting me the same exact code for it. I've been told that this can cause the car to run badly....but it's been changed, so I don't know what else could be wrong with it. On top of that, the transmission has been acting up on me like crazy. Hesitation during acceleration, jerking forward when I first start to go......then when I'm up to 45 MPH, the car jerks back, like it doesn't want to move forward. When I accelera
  2. Talk about having problems with this car. Here's a new one for ya. After replacing my Cam sensor, spark plugs and wires, and getting a cheap rig built to turn my fan on and off from inside the car, I'm now having tranny issues. I'll reverse the car, and shift it into drive, and it won't go forward. I'll press down on the accelerator, and it still won't go, and then suddenly jerk forward. It will sometimes do this jerking while going backwards as well. It seems to happen most then I just start the car and drive. I'll stop at a stop sign, go to move, and the car won't go, and then jerk forward.
  3. I started off owning a 1989 Ford Tempo, that turned out to be a piece of junk that literally died on me just over a year after I got it. I vowed them to never own a Ford again. I then bought a 1991 Nissan Sentra for 600 dollars with 158,000 miles on it. Talk about problems. I was always changing something on it, and that car was expensive. Fuel Pump, front Axels, Exhaust System, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, UGH! 192,000 miles on that car and 4 years later, I knew I needed a new car. My boyfriend's father is a Contour fanatic. His wife owns a mystique, he has a contour, and his son drives a mystique.
  4. Turns out the Switch that causes the fan to turn on and off stopped working. We have the funniest rig up on it until I can afford the 40.00 part for it. We have a toggle switch inside the car, and I can turn the fan on and off whenever I want to. I also had the spark plugs changed today. Turns out, they'd never ever been changed! Corroded to hell. I'd also gotten my oil changed like a week and a half ago....something is wrong with how they changed it, because I'm out of oil already. I gotta go up there in the morning and rip someone to get more oil put into the car. Talk about some serious bad
  5. ebay is a good place to look. I found my 2000 Contour SE with 118,000 miles for 1800. Only about an hour drive from me. Yes, it does have a few problems....but I know people that can fix them up, so I'm not too worried.
  6. Don't worry about it. At least it gave us some sort of hint. We initially thought it was near the timing belt cover!
  7. I would assume so. It was funny because we had taken all the parts off that were initially mentioned, and couldn't find the damn thing. And then all of a sudden, I look over and I'm like You've got to be kidding me. All that stupid pulling junk apart! But we got that piece replaced with no trouble. Tomorrow is a matter of taking it back up to Autozone, getting the exact code, and seeing if we can figure out the temperature problem. The car needs a tuneup as well, so we're going to get that done as well. After sinking all this money into getting a "new" car, I really don't want to leave thing
  8. We got that part replaced with no trouble. The check engine light came back on again today. My friend is going to take my car over the weekend and see if he can figure out why the temp gauge keeps jumping up, but the car doesn't appear to be overheating. It boggles my poor mind.
  9. P0340 was the code we got for it. We replaced the Camshaft position sensor, which actually was in the right front of the engine, not under any of the intake pipes. After driving it for a little bit, I noticed that it's reacting a lot better to acceleration, but now the temp guage is jumping up. Now what could be the problem? I'm hoping the check engine light doesn't come on again....
  10. The evil orange light came on today while I was driving, and I noticed a few problems that are now occurring in the car. It's now a lot rougher in idle, and when I accelerate, the car doesn't always want to react to my pushing the pedal down. It will hesitate, and suddenly jerk forward. I went to autozone to get the diagnostic on the check engine light, and the code for a faulty cam sensor came up. Now, do these symptoms sound like a faulty cam sensor? Also, where are the cam sensors located in the engine of a 2000 contour SE 2.0? We took off the cover where the timing belt is, but are the sen
  11. I just picked up a 2000 Contour SE over the weekend with 118,550 miles on it. I've been driving it with almost no problems, however, sometimes when I accelerate the car, it makes a clicking noise and struggles to accelerate for a couple of seconds. I'm not even sure what could be the issue. I don't know a whole lot about cars, but i can always tell when something isn't right. Any hints/tips?
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