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    giganto got a reaction from elmerxf3 in Rusted Rear Crossmember Needs Replacement   
    Terry, I thought I'd file this subject in your forum since your local climate (and local government) seems to promote rust on rear crossmembers. I got my '96 Mystique in Chicago, and now that the Voltour is almost complete (well, it has gone 4000 miles, but I still haven't worked out the tach) I can address the issue before the cold weather comes. The crossmember and all the supporting hardware have rusty flakes peeling away. Since I live in the South, I have access to plenty of less rusty alternatives in the junkyard. You mentioned in another post that the OEM replacement has been upgraded a bit, so I was wondering what would be the best thing for my project...a project that may one day become an "Electrique" and totally ignore the rear GAWR.
    I have also come across an alternative to PB Blaster called "Aerokroil," and was told it made PB Blaster look like WD-40. Knowing this project was coming, I bought a can and set it to work on some stuck door latches. I had to open three doors from the inside handle because the outside handle wouldn't unlatch the door. I sprayed some "Aerokroil" around the latch, worked the latch a little, and all three were working properly in five minutes. Last time I had this problem, I had to swap latches from the junkyard and discovered that the outside door handle mounting screws had rusted solid. I'm still looking for a blue plastic piece to go around the outside driver door handle.
    I'm probably going to drill the holes in the trunk to get the crossmember bolts a good soaking top and bottom before I whip out my impact wrench. I'm just wondering what would be the best source of a replacement crossmember, arms and bar. I've been pleased with my "Monromatic" struts in the "Voltour," so I may replace them while I'm under there already.
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