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  1. gman2007

    hello from the UK..

    Any body else on here from the uk? that owns a V6? or any one else in fact that owns a V6 mondeo or contour, i myself own a uk model V6 ST24 and im after ideas, technical details on problems with them etc etc and any modifacations that can be done many thanks gareth
  2. gman2007


    metal impeller water pump on its way too me as we speak
  3. gman2007

    How to tell early 98 vs late 98?

    cant you give the vehicle details to a ford dealer and they can trace it on their systems??? i can give vehicle registration numbers or vin numbers to my ford dealer and he can find out information for me maybe its different for you guys.. as im in the UK,
  4. gman2007

    Zetec: Strange engine noise

    OUCH THAT AINT GOOD, that certainly needs changing, if you havent changed a cam belt kit before then pay a mechanic to do it. my mate is a mechanic and he has done a full cam belt kit ( belt, tensioner, pulleys ) in 1 hour for me, so it isnt a major job really, good luck in which ever way you choose to go,
  5. gman2007


    for the guys an gals out there that have a V6 have any of you changed the water pump from the factory fitted PLASTIC empellor type to a METAL empellor type?? if so any comments on the new water pump many thanks gareth
  6. gman2007

    under the bonnet of my mk1 mondeo si

    It made a slight differance in terms of more responsive but also noise wise very loud roar when flooring it through the rev range but to be totally honest i would say she is just for looks rather than any major tuning effort....
  8. gman2007

    my mk2 mondeo st24 dash

    this is what the mk2 mondeo dash looks like on my mondeo, im intrieged by how the mondeo varies accross the water, its the same car but made differently, but why???
  9. gman2007

    I bought a POS car and I plan to have some fun :D

    does it still have the ticking sound as it can be a case of the exhaust manifolds , replace them and its all sweet maybe...
  10. gman2007

    contour badge wanted( brand new)

    hi i live in th uk and was wondering if someone could sort me out a contour badge to fit on my mk1 mondeo, just to be different from the rest of the uk mondeo owners if any one could help please contact me via email or msn gmanuk@hotmail.co.uk mondeo_si@btinternet.com many thanks and my appologies if this is in the wrong section thanks again gareth http://gmanscoffeebar.freeforums.org/
  11. gman2007

    hi to all

    hi im gareth, im from dover-kent- united kingdom, i drive a mk1 mondeo si 2.0 16v. i think this site is really kool and would like to invite you all to my new site, it has and will have more sections to cater for everybodys interests.. http://gmanscoffeebar.freeforums.org/ also im on msn gmanuk@hotmail.co.uk feel free to add me....or you can email me on mondeo_si@btinternet.com
  12. gman2007


    hi there, im from dover in kent ive got friends up in essex as well near southend if your on msn gmanuk@hotmail.co.uk drop me a line on there mate
  13. gman2007


    Hi im Gareth aka GMAN2007uk i drive a mk1 ford mondeo si 2.0 16v full rs bodykit bomz induction kit engine bling www.southeastcarclub.com

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