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  1. I'm still driving my 97 Sport and I have question. Is it a manufacturing defect that the exhaust manifolds develop cracks? Also, Where can I find a reliable replacement?
  2. I'm in the process of putting my 97 back together. Just had the engine rebuilt, stabbed it earlier today. Going together with the trans/bell housing and motor. I appear to be missing what seems like a flywheel guard. I can see the back side of the flywheel on either side as I look past the top/side of the oil pan. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? What is this part called and where can I get them/one?
  3. Thanks for the info Like Iwas saying, the drawing in the manual shows the alignment marks to be the 1st notch on the pulley and v shaped protrusion on the oil pan. I'll rotate the crank, install the camshaft lock, and see how close everything lines up. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the response Terry No I do not have the CD, I have Chiltons manual. I'm just trying to figure out, which marks on the crank pulley and oil pan are aligned to get TDC. The drawing in the manual is useless.
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    I have a quick question. I was in the process of replacing the water pump on my 97 sport. Every thing was going according to plan. I got off work this morning and started putting things back together, when I realized I had not marked the posistion of the timing belt at the pulley. I did however, mark the cams. I have the belt back on, but am unsure exactly which marks to use on the crankshaft pulley & oilpan. No, I did not lock the camshafts in place before starting. Where do I go from here?
  6. Thanks for the info Terry I'll check it out this weekend.
  7. Yes, its overheating. sorry for the confusion. This past summer it ran so hot that she blew the head gasket & ruptured the rad. New radiator & head gasket ( did the work myself...not fun ). Anyway I have the fan hardwired to a toggle switch on the dash. Otherwise fan will not operate.
  8. I wanted to know if any of you have experienced this problem, regarding cooling fans. My wife's 96 contour sport has been giving me a lot of problems regarding the @#$% cooling fan. So far I've looked at or changed all the usual suspects...... temp sensor, low & hi spped relays & such. But still I only have hi speed w/ a/c running. Any ideas? Also I replaced the main lower engine/tranny mount, the inner diameter is twice the size of of the origanal, now this replacement was purchased at the dealership after an exhaustive search from local parts houses with no luck. The parts guy at the dealership says that mount is an upgrade, but the mounting hardware is still the same. I's be confused.
  9. Hi, please bear with me, as I try to navigate and use this site. I am the proud and sometimes very frustrated owner of a 96 Contour sport. I bought the car for my wife just before my son was born 9 yrs ago. Until recently I had very few problems, however right now I seem to be experiencing a few. I sure hope you guy's can help.
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