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  1. Name: Mercury Mystique LS (1998) Date Added: 30 March 2008 - 03:03 AM Owner: xtascox Short Description: 6000k HID's, Foglight mod, fogs on with doors open, red floor neon on driver's side, k&n open filter, led sidemarkers with custom orange/yellow lenses View Vehicle
  2. Yea but the problem is that all 6 faulted and I was wondering if the fact that they were loose in the LIM could have triggered something.
  3. It was fully bolted down and the injectors were seated firmly in the fuel rail but they came out of the LIM with almost no effort at all.
  4. When I pulled the fuel rail I noticed the injectors came out of the manifold very easily. Could the injectors not being set right have cause the computer to shut off all 6 injectors?
  5. The reason was basically because I don't really have the room to to put everything right now. My plan was to pull the motor, strip it down, take whats still good and then get rid of it so I have room for when I pull the axles, suspension, wheels and all that other crap to get the transmission loose. I mean, the engine and tranny have to come apart anyway so if it's possible I would like to pull one at a time.
  6. Just wondering what kind of problems I'd run into IF I didn't lift them out together?
  7. I think I'm going to take that advice So. I think I'm going to pull just the motor out and then drop the tranny out the bottom. After spending some time looking over the area it seems relatively feasible. Any advice in going in this direction?
  8. My set is mixed. The bigger sockets are 12 point and the smaller sizes are 6 point. And I loaded it with PB blaster way before I tackled it. But all is well now that it's out. A few more little things and the motor will be out. I really can't wait to tear this motor down to see what 164,000 miles did to it.
  9. Well, the radiator is finally out. It wasn't too bad of a job really. Of course though, the first 3 bolts for the radiator mounts came out relatively easily and the 4th... well... I don't want to repeat my words at the time, but I spent a good hour on that one. The thing rounded off instantly with little pressure. Keep in mind these are 8mm bolts. Right after it rounded off, a 7mm socket was spinning on it! After hammering at the mount to break the rust loose I was finally able to get the damn thing loose with vice grips and that took about 10 minutes and a painful wrist to back out. Al
  10. Plus machining down the heads too much also could create a problem in tension of the timing components correct? Or does the tc tensioner have enough play to compensate?
  11. Thanks, I'll do that later today.
  12. Someone, I know I read somewhere that there is a coolant drain on the block itself and I can't seem to find where I read that. I've gotten the radiator drained and all upper hoses pulled but I know there's still coolant in the engine itself. So where is that darn drain!? Oh, and Power Steering fluid reeks.
  13. xtascox

    An update...

    Well just to update, I've been spending a few hours here and there on taking the mystique apart and i'm slowly making progress. The engine should be ready to be pulled in a week or so as long as there are no setbacks!
  14. Ah finally got it. I was looking at the wrong bolts. It was a trip figuring it out too! I managed to dislocate my right ring finger for a second when it came down. All is good now and the whole injector harness is out. Time to move on to other parts!
  15. Maybe I'm missing something but I can't get to the bolts on the compressor except for the two into the bottom of the motor. Does the pulley need to come off to get to the bolts behind it or am I looking in the wrong place.
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