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  1. 1. Shotwell +1 2. PNWContour 3. PDXSVT 4. Aussie Ford 5. GRN99SVT 6. Mondeoman 7. Woogieman 8. Groovenerd 9. Neal 10. Scottysvtlife 11. Brad Russell +3 12. DrkWing +2
  2. Thanks! I'll check it out & reply with an update! Cheers!
  3. Hi, guys... Maybe not a "new" topic, but my IMRC is stuck open. Even after I've swapped in another module, another harness, & even changed the transistor on three different IMRCs, the motor still spins after about 30 seconds (sometimes less); keeping the secondaries open. If its not the IMRC or the harness, what else could it be? Any erroneous sensors or maybe the ECU/PCM...? ANY insight would be greatly appreciated. My car pops the "p1518 " code & they won't pass it on emissions test. HELP!!!
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