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  1. "Going longitudinal Rac"......tempting....very tempting......
  2. Sad...sad...sad...http://www.telegraph.co.uk/. How long before it reaches here......we live in the "other" westminster...
  3. Keeping the motor mount placement and driveline geometry the same was the same problem with the 3.5L as the V8 SHO engine. You would have to notch the frame approx. 1.5 - 2 inches for clearence (adding a trans adapter)......but mind you it will fit quite comfortably if you turn it 90 degrees...but then there would be other issues to address....
  4. Cosworth 2.9L EFI 24V V6 DOHC (BOB) 210 HP for the Scorpio.......differences are timing chains and VIS manifold...looks like the Taurus SHO manifold.....
  5. Gar No sure about a straight bolt up, but these guys have a bell housing that will mate a Ford T-5/T-9 to a Zetec block.......personally I would drop a Ford 2.3L before a Zetec....more performance parts available...... http://www.quad4rods.com/
  6. Now this is one electric car I "would" drive......check out the turbines....sweet.... http://www.autoblog.com/2010/09/29/jaguar-c-x75-concept/
  7. That could be called "job security" for some businesses....
  8. Working for a German manufacturer exposes me to alot of their brand tools...Wera is one of them and I swear buy them...great quality with a price tag to go along with them. I've been eying the 3/8" drive set for some time now......I carry alot of Hazet stuff.....you can also buy them here.... http://chadstoolbox.com/
  9. On another note...kids nowadays complain about how hard school exams are these days,check this one out from the late 1800's..... http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/archives/2333-American-Education,-1895.html
  10. You guys count yourself lucky,this is what we had to use ...lol
  11. Do you think the noble guys will see this in their rear view mirror? http://www.ecoboostcentral.com/forum/ecoboost-v6-3-5l-turbo/150-roush-yates-supply-ford-ecoboost-v6-2011-alms-competition.html Since its introduction the Ecoboost 3.5L seems to have a alot of support from the racing industry and hopefully from aftermarket companies....
  12. Good point on the ball anvil micrometers, you also can have sucess with a tube micrometer as well since the bearing before halving is essentially a "tube".
  13. Thanks for the info Aussie....since I don't have one now I'll attempt it this weekend using your method.....thanks
  14. Thanks Gar...appreciate it. I remember reading somewhere the tool was sold with a specific diameter (hollow tube) that fits snugly over the pin to help release the prongs...I'm going to attempt to measure the Ford connector pin (hard to get a mic in there) and cross check that to the proper size tool....will advise...
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