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  1. Well I haven't had much luck selling the tour. only advertised here though. The price is dropping to $2500.00. The reason for this is the tour has developed a miss and I don't have time to fix it. Other than that its still the same. I have a feeling its the quad platinum plug I heard lately there not very good for svt's. Anyway that's it for now. Hope everyone had a great Holiday. Good luck in 2009. Peace
  2. randy72007

    My SVT.............

    Pictures of my stock 1998 SVT.
  3. Well I haven't had the tour advertised so not in that big a hurry to sell it, I love the car but I really need a truck. Just bought my wife a 07 corolla s. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Peace
  4. Thanks for the comment, I have to go to marshall just about every weekend for shopping unless the wifey wants to got to longview, yeah it gets pretty hot here but been here all my life so am pretty use to it. Saw your pic the tour looks good. have a good one. Peace
  5. I a located just outside Jefferson, Texas. 75657 area code 30 miles from Louisiana Line
  6. Sorry so late on replying. The interior is in really good shape, I will post some pics so you can see. there are no heat cracks or fading and the windows are tinted. the interior is dark blue leather.
  7. For Sale: 1998 contour SVT silver frost. 139,000 miles. Daily driver. New Condenser, New Alternator, New Summer Tires. Car is in excellent shape. pics are on my page. Need to sale for a small pick-up truck. Asking $3000.00. Has Bosch platinum quads and red wires. Headlights are new and shiny. Sunroof does not work everything else does. All Speakers have been replaced. Dual Stereo/Cd. E-mail me or call 903-665-6965 if you have any questions. pics of tour are on my page but does not show new headlights. Thanks
  8. Bummer bout your car man that sucks, Glad no one was hurt though. I have taken many country curves way above the speed limit and thankfully my tires havent broke trac yet, but now will be more aware. you some times just get so into the speed and rush you for get that your car is just a car after all. Good luck, hope everything works out. Peace
  9. I just wanted to say hi to all the fellow svt owners out there. I am relatively new to the svt world. I absolutely love the contour svt. I have learned alot of useful information by reading alot of everyones posts. There are alot of things I would like to do to my car. I have always owned muscle cars and never dreamed I would own a small car with the power that the contour svt possesses. Next to my wife and baby boy, my svt is my pride and joy. There are some things I would like to know though, for instance. Where would I get the three pod pilar, and how to do some small things to my car for m
  10. Thanks for the help guys, I however did happen to find all three harnesses in primo condition. gonna cost $250.00 which from what I understand is a really good price. the lowest I found on researching was $400.00 for just one harness. Anyway thanks again for the help!
  11. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to correct a problem I am having. The harness coming off the coil pack on my 98 contour svt that runs under the intake is dry and losing its insulation. can I get the harness anywhere other than ford. and how do I keep it cooler.thanks for the help in advance.
  12. Hi to all members, just want to tell everyone a little about my self. I Own a 98 contour svt. Its my second one(first one was wore out). I live in jefferson, tx. I love to work on cars and push them to there limits and beyond.lol So anyway, hello to everyone out there. be seein ya.
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