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  1. The main steps are here, but each build is slightly different. http://www.newcougar.org/forums/3-0l-duratec-performance/109227-full-oval-port-3l-swap-how.html
  2. Is it a green plug on the back of the motor? Some cars dont use a knock sensor it could be that. Ideally if you should us the plug we should be able to identify it pretty quickly.
  3. I have heard that the MPV 3L will basically drop right in as a normal 2.5, it has the same timing cover and the motor mount braket is bolted between the heads.
  4. They fit, any 99-02 V6 cougar manual trans will work. The databases say that there is a difference between SVT and non SVT but they are all the same.
  5. That's the power steering pump, to remove the timing cover you must remove it because some of the stud bolts hold down the timing cover. Also as a heads up that elbow on he pump usually leaks after being messed with I was told by Dom that the easiest way to avoid that is to unbolt the pump while the system is still connected and just put it off to the side. As an FYI that little elbow connection runs about 50 bucks and the seal that fails is not considered serviceable..
  6. did you check the fuse in the fuse box that controls the alternator? And a big thing to check is make sure that the single wire connector is plugged in and fully seated. If it is not plugged in well it will act as is the alternator is dead because it is not completing the circuit.
  7. I would keep OEM axles over the Chinese ones any day, they seem beefier and the OE boots are thicker.
  8. Ford Calls for Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid # XT-M5-QS ('honey') Royal purple was the the second choice but I believe that they have a replacement for the royal purple synchromax http://www.fordcontour.org/topic/6529-my-lube-choices-for-mtx75/
  9. LUK clutch kit is 07-137, I have gotten 2 from the following website and they seem to be holding up well. The kit includes a slave cyl, clutch disk and pressure plate. The whole kit runs about $170. http://www.partsgeek.com/ss/?i=1&ssq=07-137&x=0&y=0
  10. That sounds like the IAC valve I had on my contour a couple of years ago, I say start there.
  11. Isn't this what has the TSB that calls for a zip tie on around the cruise control cable end?
  12. I swapped a set out a few years ago and all I remember doing was removing the kickpanel and center console.There are only two 10mm nuts that hold the cables in place. Also the spring loaded twist hold down can be a PIA on the back of the trans.
  13. Aussie I'm glad the clutches paid off, I couldn't believe the price. I remember I paid closer to 300 for the same kit from Ford a few years ago. Also let me know how you like that flywheel. I just bought one recently and would like to install it on my 3L when I rebuild the motor in the next year. I wish I was closer I'd love to lend a hand.
  14. interested in those rear sway bar end links and the Flywheel. We'll see how the auction turns out. I noticed the shipping rates seem up there. Why is that?
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