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  1. I have yet to see any proof positive that the bigger TB's make a difference. For that matter I have yet to see any proof that any of the mods to the TB makes any difference either. There is a lot of posts about "it feels different" but no time slips or dyno sheets to back up the claims.
  2. Wow that is so cool a mini hearse LOL, just kidding, I like it, neat car, good find.
  3. The biggest gain I got was from the exhaust upgrade. Pull #4 was 152hp 152fptq. Found out the main cat was toast. So that entailed the complete redesign of the exhaust. I gained 20hp and 10fptq on pull #5. All my runs have been on the same kind of dyno.
  4. At 100k the fluid does need changed. Look through the pinned posts by Terry, it's in there somewhere.
  5. run 5.php All I had at the time of this pull, were the SVT ECM, SVT injectors and custom exhaust. Looks like SVT power numbers to me.
  6. What other injectors will fit the 2.5 split port. In the 21lb. to 24lb. range.
  7. Dieing is part of living, with all our medical advances we cannot stop death. It's part of the Cycle of Life. The old makes way for the new.
  8. when and were, let me know
  9. As with the intake discussions that pop up from time to time on this site, the exhaust needs to be sized realistically for what your trying to do. The exhaust for an N/A track only car is going to be greatly different than the exhaust on a street legal car. Case in point, I gained 20hp with my exhaust up grade and yes I have the dyno sheets to prove it. It's posted on this site in my old blog MaddMike1 blog. http://www.fordcontour.org/blogentry-a940-.html Exhaust spec as of the time of the dyno run:Stock ungutted manifolds, 2" primary pipes. Removed Y-pipe, dual 2" inlet/single 2 1/2 outlet cat, 2 1/2 single inlet/outlet Vortec V baffle muffler, single 2 1/2 pipe out to right side exit.
  10. The article you cut and pasted is a glowing example of what we were talking about in an other thread. The Bullshit junk science that gets spread around. Bigger is better is crap. The first clue to the inaccuracy of the article is using the Top Fuel reference, the guy writing the article has no clue. Fixture built headers to 21/2" tube (straight tube or step) Mild steel.......$1050.00 Fixture built headers with 25/8" or 23/4" tube. Mild steel......................$1250.00 Zoomie headers - Top Fuel and Funny Car (double wall). 21/2" Ms........$850.00 Zoomie headers - Top Fuel and Funny Car (double wall). 23/4" Ms........$950.00 Zoomie headers - single wall. Mild steel................................................$750.00 Custom headers - built on vehicle. Mild steel - starts at....................$1600.00 This is the price sheet from Dawson Racing for their Top Fuel Zoomie headers, notice the tube sizes, 2 1/2-2 3/4 in. If bigger is better for making 6500hp why are the tube sizes not a lot bigger. Here is a pipe chart from Performance Unlimited. It shows the recommended size per horse power level.
  11. Well lets hash out some ideas. I can get any day off as long as I know a week in advance. Lets all look at the Calender and decide on a weekend we can get together. Then we can decide on the day and what shows to hit.
  12. How about it guys and gals, how about a meet and greet. Anyone got any ideas. How about this, we all meet some were and roll into one of the local shows. We could do Winks on a Friday night, Spaghetti Warehouse on a Sunday, or there a few other in the area we could crash. Thoughts, ideas?
  13. Well as far as I know there are no Contour specific shows. The local guys, Dom, Billy, myself have on occasion with a few others gotten together at Summit and just kind of hung out. I know Dom has talked about getting some Contour and Cougar people together and heading up to Dragway 42 on a test and tune day, but that is still up in the air. There is a local show every Sunday night at Spaghetti Warehouse in Akron, Billy and I both go there from time to time but it is mostly rice. Since we are all fairly close we just might have to see about picking a place and getting together.
  14. I did not see the post on NECO, but dis-information or lack of understanding is not new by any means in the automotive world. Just look at the crap people buy like the Tornado and the $10 performance chip or the marine bilge electric turbo. As for the original question, it never hurts to ask, at least the guy is trying to think outside the box. As for the answer, well that's a different matter. Hey anyone that even considers modifying a 2.5 or 3.0 better be pretty damn good at thinking out side the box.
  15. That thing looks like a reject from a Jap animation. Put some bug antenna on it and some buck teeth and it will be a big hit with the Yugi Ho crowd.
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