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  1. Just wanted to let you all know that I pulled the classified ad for my car. It's gotten way more attention than I expected and has already met reserve on eBay. So it's sold now. Just need to see how much the final price ends up being. (There are 5 days left to go in the auction.) If the winning bidder doesn't want the extra parts I have I will post them for sale on here after the car is gone. I hope she ends up with someone who loves these cars like we all do. Jim
  2. I snapped a couple of pictures this morning to go along with the photos already posted in my garage file on this site. It was overcast this morning and she needs a bath after the rain we had yesterday but I figured they would work ok. I'm 100% negotiable on price so if you are interested, let me know. I'm going to post her for sale on a couple of other sites next week. I just wanted site users here to have first crack at it. Jim
  3. Thanks. I will try and add some new pictures. In the meantime, if you click on the "view garage" link below the post it will take you directly to my profile. There are 24 pictures there as well as detailed descriptions of the modifications. Regards, Jim
  4. Well, I guess this day had to come sometime and it saddens me to do this but I need to sell my car. I bought another car this summer and can't justify keeping this one around taking up space in the garage with winter coming soon. Here's the deal. She's a black 1998.5 E1. I'm the original owner. You can see all of the mods and pictures on this site. (User name Leadfoot) Briefly, the car came new with all options - premium sound, moonroof and all of the E1 upgrades. She's been garaged since new. Whenever something needed to be replaced, I tried to upgrade it. The car currently has a BAT Euro suspension kit, high-flow cat, Steeda short-throw, rear strut brace, 18" wheels and tires and several other mods. I have the original wheels as well which are currently mounted with snow tires. I also have several parts I have not installed yet that will come with the car including a set of subframe connectors, stainless steel brake lines and new sway bar bushings. I think I also have an extra set of upper and lower grilles just in case and two extra tires. The car has a metal impeller water pump, 9mm FR wires, K&N filter and a few other smaller things. I have a new AC dryer as well - the one on the car is leaking and the AC won't hold a charge more than a summer. She just rolled over 95K miles and has been extremely well taken care of over the years. No accidents, no dings or dents, no damage, no rips or tears in the interior and clean under the hood. The paint is starting to show its age with small surface scratches and a few nicks but it still shines and looks great from about 5 feet away. I have the original window sticker and documentation and a few other goodies I can throw in to sweeten the pot. I'd like to sell everything all together and rip the band-aid off all at once and just get this over with. I wanted to try and sell her on this forum first as I really want her to go to a home where someone will care for and appreciate her the way I have over the years. I'm asking $4900 for everything. I have spent over $3500 in upgrades and mods in just the last few years and I have all maintenance and mods documented with dates, mileage and cost. The car is located in the South Bend, Indiana area. There is some aftermarket stereo gear in the car that is NOT included in the price but is negotiable. No cuts or mods to any interior panels were made and the factory system will go back in without anyone ever knowing the aftermarket system was there. If you are interested, drop me a line at gabby94 at sbcglobal.net and let's talk.
  5. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 11 April 2008 - 08:55 PM Owner: Leadfoot Short Description: Early-build E1 SVT - I think possibly the first one in Indy. All options (not that there were very many to add...). One owner car. Started mods in 2007. As things wear out, they get upgraded. Pictures and details are available on my profile page. Mileage is still fairly low. 97K as of October 2011. She shares garage space with my less practical 2002 M3 convertible. Just can't seem to bring myself to get rid of this car. View Vehicle
  6. Well, I finally got registered on the site after lurking for some time so I thought I'd introduce myself. Hello! My name is Jim - Leadfoot on this site. (Speedin' Bob on here is my future brother-in-law and we both have CSVT's here in Indy.) We've been helping each other do mods and comparing things between our cars and have used this site for quite a bit of reference work. Since we've learned more than a few things from many of you on here I thought it time to start sharing my experiences for others looking for information. I'll probably be somewhat sporadic on here but I'll do my best. (I can also be found every now and then on my company's forum. I am the Director of Product Planning for Klipsch. If any of you need advice or want to talk about audio/video equipment of any brand it's an excellent place to go - over 28,000 registered members.) I'll try to get some pics and details posted in my registry listing soon. In the meantime, here are some of the basics: 1998.5 E1 Black - early-build 77000 one-owner miles - BAT Euro Suspension Kit - Rear strut tower brace - 18" Black Kazera wheels shod w/ BFG g-force sport tires (summer) - 16" factory E1 wheels with Michelin Pilot Alpin tires (winter) - Tru-Bendz Y-pipe - Steeda Tri-Ax shifter - Ford Racing 9mm plug wires - K&N filter - New headlight assemblies - I can see again!!!! - Fog light mod - Custom stealth radar detector - you'll like this one - Upgraded audio system - obviously given my career in audio... The above are all completed along with general maintenance upgrades and such. There are a few more parts on hand waiting in the wings for a weekend when I have time to get to them - they include stainless-steel brake lines, new BAT sway bar bushings and a set of subframe connectors. Hopefully they'll all be on shortly. I also plan to buy a cat-back system soon. I'm set on the Tru-Bendz and was going to go with Magnaflow's but after hearing BrApple's car on YouTube I will have to consider the Borla's as well. That's enough for now. I have to save something to say for later on! See ya! Jim
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