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  1. I fear the forums may be a dying group. :(

  2. Belt snapped? Bad ground,blown fuse. Could be alot of things need to be more specific. Harness will usually give you alot of problems but usually with the O2s and operation of engine. If you want I can dig out my factory books and give you the trouble shooting run down?
  3. Love the dates are clearly posted
  4. Ford Escort Cosworth Sierra Saphire 4X4 Mondeos If only I had $
  5. Wanting to see this with a tune
  6. Did you swap the ignition? I mean the keys are coded the the ECU................. Did you reprogram the keys?
  7. Group Buy is closed , if you are not the lucky 10 Ha Ha
  8. I am closing down the Group Buy this Sunday at Midnight............http://www.leeleeko.com/J-man/JMan.htm Last Chance to get in.................. November Sunday November 6th at Midnight.......
  9. Group Buy on CEG closes at Midnight on Sunday we are at 10 :)
  10. Any kind of overheating can damage anything electrical. Test everything to be safe.
  11. Hope you finally found your gremlin. You have more experience than most at this point.
  12. Plug not seated to spark plug correctly? There are alot of things it could be. http://easyautodiagnostics.com/ford/3.0L-3.8L/how-to-test-the-coil-pack-1 This is a step by step how to on testing the coil pack to rule that out. You'll test and diagnose the Ford coil pack on the car or truck with some very basic tools. You'll need: A test light. A multimeter. You can use a Digital Multimeter or an analog multimeter. An HEI spark tester. This inexpensive spark tester is a MUST have tool to be able to correctly diagnose the ignition coil pack on your Ford (or Mercury or Mazda) vehicle with the info/tests in this article A tool that can pierce thru' the wires insulation. Such as a Wire-Piercing-Probe. This is one of the handiest tools ever invented. You'll need a helper to help you crank the engine while you perform the tests. A car (or truck) Shop Manual (no, not the Owner's Manual) for the specific Ford or Mercury model that you're working on. This manual is not a must for these tests, but may come in handy if you need some specific info this article doesn't provide. Previously covered here on FCO http://www.fordcontour.org/topic/13749-misfire-please-help/
  13. I am working on it, I have Andy and his cousin both active duty Devildogs, and alot of unfriendly SVT peeps LOL Try hollering at them and they think you are a carjacker LOL
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