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I have owned several contours!I have had a 97 gl that my dumbass put a widebody kit on it with custom mazda Rx7 mettalic blue paint.I had a 99 se V6 for about a week before I found my current SVT!I love these cars ,there is no better expression than the look on some ones face at the track when they are wooped on by a ford V6 nonetheless!I believe that they are some of the coolest and most underated cars of the 90s.I am awaiten dyno tuning,so I will have the numbers up soon!Peace out and Happy Motoring!I finally have some numbers up 197hp at the wheels on a 2.5,wow that is almost as good as the 3.0.Died on 1\17\09 REBORN 4\5\09-4\17\09 with a hybrid 3.0L,a Haines Trans ,headers,DMD,exhaust,and a bunch of other bolties.Don't have numbers up yet,was in such a hurry didn't even have time to do print outs.This should hold me over until the economy picks back up.Then back to ohio,put a full 3.0 in and put this motor in a cougar.Petition your senators to repeal the National Speedlimit.Peace

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