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    SVTDEMON reacted to SqueetVT in What 25-Year-Old Foreign Car Would You Import For Yourself?   
    Im with Demon on this one, anything with a Cosworth YB 200 Block is it for me. 
    Then of course if money is no object, you could always pick up the Audi Quattro Sport. A cossie sounds the most aggressive for all 4 cyl turbo applications, but that 5 cyl audi is another animal.
    That Lancia Delta was amazing too, shittt Id take all 3 hahahah
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    SVTDEMON reacted to CrewChiefPro in Dyno Day - 474 Ft. Lbs of Torque!   
    Thanks, an amazing sleeper for sure.  More to come as well.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to francispennysac in Cylinder 3 misfire after overheating   
    yes heat and electronics dont mess well at all. All those fun sensors under there generate enough heat to begin with..
    Any check engine lights other than that??
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    SVTDEMON reacted to Rocco De Luca in 98 contour 2.5 CD4E Transmission Shifting Problems   
    I reopened my transmission and found that the rod that runs from the selector lever to the manual valve of the valve body, was not connected.  It must have fallen out when I removed the valve body to replace the solenoid pac (to access and remove the electrical connector).  I once again unbolted the valve body and reconnected this rod to the manual valve. At this point I have succeeded in repairing the transmission back into its state of malfunction instead of total failure.  If I had to guess, valve body would be the next culprit. . . the wife wants me to sell it since I just bought another project.  I want to try a new valve body.  Yes, I'm an idiot who has thrown good money after bad but, this has become personal.  There is no cloudiness in the oil, there are no metal shavings.  That suggests that nothing has started banging and the frictions are not letting loose.  I feel I MUST try a valve body.  If I gain nothing else from this experience, it is knowledge.  Now, I'm hoping that if someone ever comes across this page, they will at least see what the problem ISN'T and will not waste their money as I have thus far.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to jefo in 95 contour license plate light problems.   
    Is this what you are looking for 
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    SVTDEMON reacted to CrewChiefPro in Hello is there anybody out there?   
    I will be staying for the winter in San Diego after the racing season ends.  I will be there until around April.  I doubt the turbo Contour will be with me since we bring a different car in the race car trailer usually but you never know.
    We will stay in an RV park near the ocean, not sure of the name right now.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to PNWContour in So Cal Meet?   
    Save them.. you get CA built up.. Ill do the northern states.. I got peeps in AZ my home city.. we could do this lol.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to Aussie Ford in Remembering the Woogieman   
    We had a fair turnout yester for Woogieman.
    Siberian Ford
    Aussie Ford
    It was truly a celebration of life and in conversations with his wife she mentioned many times how he loved the Contour community and being part of it.
    He will be missed but on an up note his 14 1/2 yr old son Payton is looking forward to taking part in our group activities and when able plans to drive his dad's SVT.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to CrewChiefPro in Odd Problem at full throttle   
    I posted this on CEG as well.  The power cable was the issue, appears to have been damaged by something metal kicked up by the tires.
    Replaced the power cable from the battery in the trunk to the engine harness and the performance is back to what a built 3.0 turbo should be :)
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    SVTDEMON reacted to Aussie Ford in Recontenting the lighted headlight switch stem   
    95 HL SW.doc
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    SVTDEMON reacted to PNWContour in Blacked out contour 98 SVT needs a rebuild or engine? Where do I start?   
    I found him Jason. :) I've never done a 3L but anythings possible.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to jefo in Midnight blue interior paint   
    If you look here they also do  interior paint. 
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    SVTDEMON reacted to mondeoman in Intermittent overheating problem   
    There is a series of "checks" that are listed in this forum. Search for these and start there. I am being brief, but promise further assistance once you find this info. It covers checks of the fans themselves, relays and then ends up with the wiring. Really good stuff.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to mondeoman in Sad news - Terry Haines RIP   
    Yes indeed - a friend who will be dearly missed.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to mondeoman in HAPPY 4th of JULY EVERYONE   
    Please take time to reflect on all the blessings we have been bestowed with, as a result of our founding fathers forsite and the resolute of those brave young men and women who have protect these dear freedoms we often take for granted.
     Be safe and enjoy!!
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    SVTDEMON got a reaction from HowardSon in Front Roll Restrictor   
    http://www.fordcontour.org/index.php?showtopic=10518&view=&hl=Roll Restrictors&fromsearch=1
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    SVTDEMON reacted to Scorpion8 in Fixed my "door not opening" problem...   
    Those little clips pop out at just the wrong time, every time.  Glad it was an easy fix for you.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to Terry Haines in Stuck in gear... The dreaded bolt?!   
    ..these posts may assist...
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    SVTDEMON reacted to tmrmathias in What can be done with the heads on my st200? & i am going to build a true dual exhaust, some Q´s about that   
    I am very satisfied with my ST, but i want to unleash some more power from it. 
    The obvious things i will do is;
    a real good cold air intake with filter down in front of the wheel.
    A true dual exhaust with H pipe(?) from the manifolds all the way back with just two mufflers at the rear.What dimesnion should i build it in? I am thinking 2" is sufficient, or should i build it in 2.25"? 2,5" is to much that i am quite shure on.
    AND, what can i do to the heads? is there some here on that have ported some SVT/ST heads? Are bigger valves easily obtainable?
    I read on some forum that it is possible to use the 3L,s valves? What dimension are the original valves in the SVT head?
    Can i get any good out of matchporting the UIM/LIM combo? 
    What more can i do that is usual practice to unleash the power of this wonderfull engine.
    The beemer six was my favorite engine before, but now this engine is the one im in love with, fkin great engine!
    Best regards/ Mathias from Sweden
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    SVTDEMON reacted to rdvil in 95 mystique code 326 egr low voltage   
    You didn't hear the snap, crackle and pop of the insulations in the wiring when you pulled it around?
    The plastic gets hard and brittle in the engine bay and eventually wears the wires out to copper, and anything you do in the engine bay that has anything to do with the wires is liable to cause trouble.
    If I were you I'd go through the wires you touched, and especially the "joints", the places where the wires are fixed to something, or bent in curves, anywhere that looks like the insulation might be breaking, and find the place where the insulation's broken through.
    If you've just got one fault code, it might not be too bad a break and the wires themselves might still be intact, just shorted or grounded somewhere.
    When you find a likely location, remove old hard plastic and replace with fresh electric tape(or if required solder a cut wire back together first), clear the codes, and see if it comes back.
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    SVTDEMON reacted to mondeoman in 1991 FORD CONTOUR CONCEPT CAR   
    Yes, I saw that too...too rich for my blood (and wallet)!!
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    SVTDEMON reacted to Terry Haines in Lean and O2 Codes Possibly Related?   
    A smoking incense stick and a bright light will help find a vac leak at idle. You had the intake off for the fuel rail I think,the smoke may help you find any potential vac leak....
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    SVTDEMON reacted to Terry Haines in Moosing related part # ?   
    Your dealer will have on record the latest revision pt # for the ISC valve.Regarding the hose,I'd save a bit of $$ and do this. Dump any and all of the existing hose/plastic 'bagpipes' etc and use about 30" of heater hose of the correct bore...coil excess length etc with zip ties and I'm sure it will work to stop the moose..I have used this many times in the past..What this does, due to hose length, is change the harmonic of the 'moose' sound wave...and it goes away!!
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    SVTDEMON reacted to jhurd in Fog light renewal   
    Been a while since I've posted, but figured I'd pass this along since I was supprised at the results (hence no before pics - I wasn't planning on it working).
    My fog lights have been hazed and 'yellowed' for quite some time.  I decided to try and clean them up.  Ended up using 600 grit wet sandpaper, then 1200 grit, and then finished with some meguiars polish on my buffer.   

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