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  1. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 08 September 2009 - 08:09 PM Owner: pithon987 Short Description: Black Demon!! View Vehicle
  2. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 07 August 2009 - 04:05 PM Owner: pithon987 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. Haha,was this real?? That would be an awesome story to tell your friends during happy hour LOL.......
  4. Bringing an old post back,Terry is this the pin part number? F5RZ-7H242-AA ,its the only thing i need for it to come together,although i cant manage to locate one
  5. "darn luck" i wish i had that excuse to get a 3l lol...
  6. yes he does but i dont........ at least not yet.....
  7. wow i remember it was just yesterday you were bummed about you car.........those guys work fast congratss!!! hope i get a 3L in the future:)
  8. sounds like a good time to bake them open and hightower them .......
  9. its actually a modded 98 -00 csvt bumper just cut and modded to fit...
  10. ok so pics not sure if im right this is the one on top and this next pic is the one on bottom?
  11. pithon987

    Google Chrome

    its been great for me and so much faster
  12. i have the duratec sorry i took a look under there yesterday and theres nothing that could block the way on the passenger except the cv joint but its not much of a problem i guess the zetec are different sorry i couldn't help
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