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  1. you could open up the drain holes alittle bit more so dirt doesn't get trapped as easily.
  2. guys, only 98 and later V6 equipped Contours have the PATs system. anything earlier then that doesn't have it. early 98s can be programmed if you only have one key. late 98 and newer require two keys to program another.
  3. iirc, to remove the sun shade panel in the sunroof you first have to remove the glass. Then the panel will just pop out, there are two clips on each side that hold it in. can be done with or without the headliner in the the car.
  4. Unless you have added a DRL relay yourself, it was not an option.
  5. What are the possible sources of a brake fluid leak? Last night the brake light started flickering and when I checked the fluid level was low. I normally keep the brake fluid at the max line. I have to check over the car again but I have looked at the following locations: brake hard to soft line joints and at the calipers - didn't note any evidence of fluid last night the clutch master - the sound deadening material on the firewall was dry brake booster - no signs of a leak down the front of the brake booster from the master places that I will be checking: the abs unit clutch line and I will check the other locations again I have not noticed any change in the how the brakes and clutch have been working. I changed out the brake fluid when I got the car in 2010, level had not dropped until recently, but it has been awhile since I have checked it. So where else should I check for leaks?
  6. iirc the 34R is a direct drop in. the R is for reversed terminals.
  7. need to remove the instrument cluster bezel, 5 screws hold it in place. Then remove the instrument cluster, again 5 screws hold it in place. then locate and replace the bulb for the abs light on the cluster.
  8. If the kit is for the front brake they are most likely the dust boots for the caliper slide pins.
  9. I would check the fuses. But chances are other lights would be out. Could be the bulb is dead, didn't make proper contact, etc. Was it an LED? It might be reversed. Other then that I am not sure.
  10. Yes I am aware of the differences in the steering rack. My SE stock came with 205/60R15. All the other sizes I listed are the correct plus 1 size for larger wheels based on this size. I have used 205/60R15, 205/55R16, 215/50R16, 205/50R17 and 225/45R17 on my SE and SVT. The only rubbing issue I have had is with the 224/45R17 and the rear fenders. But this is because of the offset on the OZ Supperleggeras, iirc.
  11. should be able to find a used shift tower fairly easily.
  12. 2 or 3 bolt y-pipe doesn't matter as long as you also have a matching 2 or 3 bolt main cat. from my observations all atx cars had 3-bolt y-pipes. All cars with a mtx, until late 99, have 2-bolt y-pipes. The late 99-00 mtx cars also use the 3-bolt y-pipe. I believe a few people on CEG have used those headers. iirc, the cost is alittle less then MSDS. I don't believe anyone had any issues.
  13. OEM tire size for an OEM 15" wheel is 205/60R15 if you want to go to a 16" wheel you would want 205/55R16 or 215/50R16. And if you want a 17" wheel you would want 215/45R17 or 225/45R17.
  14. don't limit yourself to those tires if you need to replace a set. There are many good tires out there that cost more or less then the OEM tires. I had a set of KDW's on my SVT when I purchased it. Great handling tire but it was very loud. I am now using comperable Falken and Hankook tires, in a larger size on aftermarket wheels, which perform as well as the KDW and cost less. Well one costs less and the other I got on a closeout deal.
  15. no contour had a cruise control indicator light.
  16. you can not rent a Xcal. when you use it to tune the vehicle it locks itself to the vehicle. All you could do is buy one and then tune the car and sell it if you don't have any plans of returning to stock. The purchaser will need to pay SCT $150 to unlock the Xcal.
  17. sounds like the cooling system is working correctly. It should range from ~190 to ~212. the low speed fans should kick on at 212 and the high speed around ~218.
  18. it may or maynot cause a cel for a miss fire. when I found that #1 and 3 where carbon tracked my only indication of an issue was a miss under hard acceleration. I never got a blinking cel for a miss fire.
  19. I would be very schepitcal that anyone would pay $1100 for a wrecked car. I would have to guess that one might be able to get that for a contour in perfect condition. I couldn't even get anyone to take a 95 Contour SE that was loaded with an intermittant engine harness for a few hundred dollars. The car ran and drove just fine. In damp weather the abs/tc light would act up and sometimes it wouldn't start.
  20. there is no way to turn that feature off. do the interior lights work correctly? If so then the chime itself or possible the central timing unit is bad. I don't recall if the chime is in the fuse panel or the CTU.
  21. are the cooling fans coming on as they are suppose to?
  22. a flashing cel indicates a miss fire.
  23. you will want to swap every part that you can minus the block and heads from the blown engine to the good one. That is as close to an SVT engine as you can get a standard 2.5L engine.
  24. there was a guy down in FL that has already started on this. He had the car for sale the last I read. he had a custom rear subframe already made up and has all of the needed parts.
  25. these wheel bearings are pressed in. you will have to remove the hub and then have a shop press the old bearing out and the new one in. can be done at home if one has a press and the knowledge.
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