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  1. Both the girls are in the shop and git the front end and most of the engine bay for the Rx7 back together.
  2. If i had property, I would do the exact same thing but, houses cost too much up here.
  3. They have a much much larger 18x35 that I would love to have but, it 650 a month plus 150 in dues.
  4. It's so nice to have room to work on my Contour, set up the lift yesterday and raised up the tour to find that the resonator has a huge dent in it, the y pipe to resonator connection was way loose, the OBVR had a hole in it, and the O2's were pitch black.
  5. I pulled the tray down yesterday and found that there is a hole in the OBVR, now what?
  6. Go all out and get the new 250+ hp Focus ST, only starts at 25k for a turbo'd ford focus high performance setup.
  7. Didn't like the thought of having to rebuild every 30-40k miles in the racing scene, and Mazda just two months ago said they are no longer making parts for rotaries, including the Rx8.
  8. Another update that will hopefully help is it just popped a P0420 code today, as well as some stumbling and rough idle.
  9. I own #2211 and I purchased it as a project however, this has become a DD and I need fuel efficiency. My new project is a 93 Rx7 and as much as I love this car, I can't afford two project vehicles. It does need some work but it does run good minus the fuel consumption. I have a set of GB pulleys, PS underdrive and Alt OD that need to be installed. Has A stock hood a and Carbon Fiber One carbon hood that needs to be refinished. the power antenna is gone and a roof mounted antenna installed. Panasonic cr player with Focal and infinity speakers. Battery is relocated to the trunk and in a sealed Moroso box with awt guage wire. Replaced the post 98 trunk to a pre 98 trunk with lip spoiler and tinted the tails. New coolant overflow tank, headlights have been refinished and plugs were replaced with Iridium plugs. Has Lotek guage pod with AC autotechnic guages that needs to be hooked up and a flex a lite sandwich adapter for the installation of an oil cooler. The seats are immaculate and crack, cut, fade free. The bad, needs paint due to spidering in spots, small crack in the front bumper, need a jack cover on the passenger side and could use either a shampoo or replacement carpet. Has the infamous dash warp which I was going to fix once I had the time to go to pull a part and grab a dash, but one can be had for around $50.
  10. Has anyone use this, the features seem very very useable and eliminates the need for Mil eliminatiors as well. I'm thinking about purchasing it rather than the Xcal 3 http://www.sctflash.com/products.php?PID=65&VID=#3
  11. Looking at the proximity of some of the FCO members and vehicles you own. Would be nice to have a meet before the end of Summer and I have a great place to do so. Would also be nice to have some fellow FCO's and car enthusiasts to hang out with. I live in Tacoma, soon Puyallup and will be maintaining a Man Cave in Spanaway, WA Vehicles I own 1993 Mazda Rx7 FD3S - Completely Stripped for now 1999 Ford Contour SVT #2211 - Some Mods, more to come possibly 2007 Ford F-150 - Bone Stock for now
  12. On another note, I know that my fuel is not coming even close to burning efficiently. Too much pedal and the exhaust pops unless I drive at 3k revs before WOT.
  13. I ran some live tests and was wondering if you could clue me in on what the tests and numbers mean.
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