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  1. Just whant to add that it is green light as with the rest of the display that's showing through these fine lines.
  2. I finally got a bulb at the Ford dealer ( $5.20 ) and was able to remove the old cover by taking a razer blade and cutting around the base and slit up the side and then installing it on the new bulb. The clock light now works but now I have a new issue. On the left side by the AM/PM readout there are some fine lines going all different directions. Looks like shattered glass or spider cracking. Any ideas onwhat thats all about.
  3. Thanks for the replys. Do you pry from the ends, middle, top or bottom. I noticed there are two small holes in the bottom lip that have something metallic behind the holes. Could it be that you push a paperclip end into the holes and that releases the clock? I just don't want to wreck anything.
  4. Hello, My 98 Contour clock works but no light. From doing a search I see that the bulb can be replaced. Can anyone explain a safe way to remove the clock so I can replace the bulb. I don't want to carve up my dash.
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