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  1. I was under the impression that dashed lines where grounds, but i thought the fuse in it was kind of weird... gordon
  2. Thats what i was curious about, i did not run a wire anywhere but in the harness... SO i need to connect a line to the brake pedal for the activation, this make sense... I have documented the wiring that i did on the other forum... ABS swap - mecatronic to bosch - CEG Forums So looks like the orange/green wire from port 6 on the bosch connector needs to connect to the brake pedal. Is it pretty self explanatory as to how to connect the wire to the brake pedal switch? is this the wire? From the schematic it looks like its a ground wire that is completed with the brake switch.
  3. I know it been awhile, but do you remember anything about the power wiring... I wired my bosch unit up and it works great, except for the fact that its constantly powered on and its draining my battery... From the schematics, it looks like there is an external relay on the bosch unit, where the merc unit had it built in. Did you have to wire anything up externally to make this work right? Thanks Gordon
  4. Could you please post the wiring schematics and where you able to take care of the ABS light on issue? Thanks Gordon
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