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  1. Comano

    Fuel smell

    If anyone interested, this is an update. At the end I got myself an OBD1 scanner, I found that an O2 sensor was reading allways as lean, this was just one side. The sensor was replaced and the fuel smel is gone...
  2. Comano

    Stalls at idle, throttle hang

    The IAC failure is relatively common into our cars, it usually gets dirty and cleaning it can solve the problem, if not, a replacement is required, anyway, it is not difficult to do it, In the 23 years of my car, I just had to change it once 11 years (2007) ago and the moosing problem was solved.
  3. Comano

    Engine compression

    Update on this issue, the timing is fine, it has no issues, they double checked, one against timing marks and other time against the timing method. In the same session they also repaired a leak on the ATX, when doing this, they found that the wheel that the starter moves to start the engine was damaged, they replaced it while the ATX was out; I don't know how it is related but it now behaives a lot better when cold; it doesn't seem to suffer while accelerating and when I take it out from the basement. There is still some way to go; it still has bad milleage and since I have a code 176 related with a lean condition, I think that the next step is to check and/or replace the O2 sensors, since they were replaced 130,000 kms ago, new ones won't hurt. Update in a few weeks...
  4. Comano

    Engine compression

    Hello Dom, I really appreciate your offer, but I'm not skilled enough to do that kind of job, no space and tools to do it, but I need more info in order to talk about it with the guy of the service. How far are the false flags against the real ones?
  5. Comano

    Engine compression

    Hello Dom, That's the most direct answer that could explain all this... Is information available about this? I mean, is it documented somewhere? how about the correct way to synchronize it? Regards
  6. Comano

    Engine compression

    I found this post Dom states that the proper compression should be around 160 psi, with this, it is real that I have a compression problem, since it has new gaskets, it leads me to think that it may have an internal problem, the rings may be? I will need to evaluate this, it could be cheaper to replace the engine instead of repair it..
  7. Comano

    Engine compression

    Today I pulled codes from the ECU (I got an scanner), I got the next codes: Code 111, KOEO ==> System Pass Code 10 ==> This is not in the manual code 176, Continuous ==> Failrue into the HEGO (HO2S) sensor fault / allways lean. I didn't executed the KOER test since the user's maual says to not execute it until all previous codes are repaired. What is the HO2S sensor? the Oxigen sensor?
  8. Comano

    Engine compression

    Yes, it runs good when hot but with poor milleage, it used to provide 300kms per 3/4 tank, today, they are 220kms per the same 3/4 of tank, both measured in city trafic. The plugs and cables are new, they have at most 1000kms, the previous ones that were older provided me a little less milleage and less power at runing. I will have to talk, with the guy in the service... as I see it, in the mid to long term, it could be cheaper to replace the engine with a used (with warranty) but newer Mondeo engine.
  9. Comano

    Engine compression

    Hello, No, I hadn't scanned it yet, I will take it to the service next month for emission testing, I'll ask them to scan it, anyway, the Check Engine light is off. Vacum leak, I doubt it since it hasn't been run much since the engine was resurfaced, but still a possibility. What kind of problems can the injection system could present?
  10. Comano

    Engine compression

    Hello, Thank you for your information, I see that the issue is not as big as I initially thought. The engine runs "good" in load, but sometimes is a little rough when in idle and around 550-600 rpms, after a few seconds it changes and stabilizes around 750 rpm. The cylinders were machined about three years ago, the cylinders were adjusted to 0.20, I see then that I need to check with the guy that did the job to check the failing one. In the time this happens, does this justifies lack of power when cold and bad milleage? By now, the car is used about 7 to 10 days a month.
  11. Comano

    Engine compression

    I notice very low acceleration and very low milleage, it has new head gaskets, plugs and plug wires. On the other hand, in the engine specifications I found that the engine provides a compression of 9.7:1, if my maths are rigth this equals to 181.3 psi, at least I would belive this will be at sea level, it should be less at 1.4 miles over sea level but I don't think that justifies 65 psi less.
  12. Comano

    Engine compression

    Hello all, I've done a compression test on my 95 2.5L and I found these numbers: 1 cylinder has 100 psi 5 cyliners have 115 psi I feel that those numbers are low and making numbers, the compression would be 7:1 and 8:1 for my engine. Any of you have at hand the right compression in "psi" for this engine? Thank you
  13. Does this shaking happens in a range of speed?? I mean, it starts at 70 but, if you keep accelerating, does it stops at certain velocity? Change the weels to a different place and check if the shaking moved of side, if so, the problem is the tire.
  14. Comano

    Hesitation or missing when accelerating

    It says that he needed to replace the timing belt, it makes me think that it is/was a 4 cilynder, otherway it would be the timing chains.
  15. Comano

    Lack of power when cold

    By "redone" I mean it was disassembled and, among other things cylinders and heads resurfaced

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