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  1. checked all the fuses and still nothing work only the running lights work.. Only thing that i found was i relay fuse in stearing coulm?????
  2. checked every fuse in my car all good but i just found a relay in my stearing colum ????
  3. I checked all the fuses and still nothing do you think its it my stearing coulmn????
  4. Hi, none of my blinkers work or hazzerd lights or brake lights, just put a new relay in and still nothing what is going on here need help!!!!
  5. how much do u want? what all do i get
  6. where could i get the bat kit, and for the best deal?
  7. thats it, why a automatic?
  8. what struts and springs should i get this is a dayly driver? And should i get any other suspention parts?
  9. GO to www.streetracerparts.com u will find what u need!!
  10. Go to pep boys and get a LED license plate light it is super easy to hook up and lasts longer in looks great!!!
  11. I just used a screwdriver and poped mine off!!
  12. I did almost the same thing i did the speakers and the carpet and door handels and most of the dash next i am doing custom seats and i am putting swad on the roof and seats pics coming soon!!!
  13. I just put on a svt intakemanifold i got from my buddy i could not fit the throttel body on is it worth it to buy new cabels so i can fit it? ps. I have a 99 merk with some other mods
  14. that is a sick car looks just like mine i like the way it the hood looks
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