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  1. Will do that tonight, thanks!!! Actually, just sent now.
  2. Thanks! I would appreciate that very much!
  3. One was cut halfway thru with an angle grinder, and the other was torn out of the sensor socket. How the Einstein did this while simply replacing the tie-rod ends is beyond me. So I'm looking for two front replacement cables. I'd feel better with new cables rather than fixing (or attempting to) the old ones.
  4. I don't have my Contour anymore, but I'm still the chief wrench on my daughters car (when things go wrong, keep reading....). Anyway, I don't have any junkyards in my area, so am posting a plea for help. I need two front wheel ABS speed sensors with cables. Her idiot boyfriend replaced the front tie rod ends and still managed to (a) do it wrong, and they have to be done again, and ( damaged both ABS sensor cables. Rock Auto has them for a small 3rd world country GNP. I was hoping somebody might be either headed to a pick-n-pull soon, or have some complete cables stashed away. Zloty'$ available for trade including postage. Help, please.
  5. Mike -- I think you move so often either to stay one-step ahead of the law or a very bad witness protection program.
  6. Mike -- Admit it, you'll just never sell her! Get new heads, do some work and keep loving that baby.
  7. Hey -- I have a spare clock in my box of Contour parts that I want to re-purpose into my new daily driver, a 2006 Ford Explorer XLT. The Explorer clock was contained in the OEM factory radio, which was removed by the previous owner. After-market radios these days seem to think a clock is an after-thought, so my new Kenwood Excelon unit has a clock display that is basically useless, and isn't available to be ON when the unit is OFF. So, I know my old 98.5 'Tour clock was on all the time, and could have illumination when the dash illumination switch was turned ON. I have a spot, and I've ordered some Kydex material to make a new fascia plate for the clock, but what I need are the clock pin out information to know which is the always-ON lead, which is the illumination lead, and ground. Any help?
  8. That's in really nice shape. Looks like a great ride. Awesome!
  9. I have a code reader, but am away from the car now. I also have one of those iOBD2 iPhone ELM327 dongle apps that seems to work well, but can't try either until I get back from the North Slope. Does that kind of damage to a cable normally set off the ABS light?
  10. My daughter's 98 'Tour has the ABS light on steady. When I was taking the studded snow tires off for the summer tires, I noticed that one front cable has a deep gouge in it down to exposed bare wire. How and why I do not know. Will a code reader tell me that this is the wheel throwing the ABS light, or is there another method besides parts swapping? Rock Auto has the sensor/wire combo, but I don't want to replace parts willy-nilly unless nilly is da' man. Thoughts? ps -- Hate to admit it, my since I got behind the wheel of my 2006 Explorer I'm not missing my Contour at all.
  11. Hmmmmmm, still a little far to drive for some.
  12. You'll never see my old Zetec, unless the new owner puts it on the ferry and moves south. Plus I don't own it anymore, and ya know, even I don't see it anymore. Huh!
  13. No one could have predicted that game. First it was exciting, then amazing, then just plain ridiculous. Haven't seen Payton Manning leave his A, B, and C - V games behind like that in a long, long time, 'cause he wasn't playing anywhere near his top stuff.
  14. Okay, vehicle is gone. Sold to a nice young couple with kids to be her commuter, so I don't see it being mistreated and raced/abused. Nice family. Paid cash. Can't complain. But I do have a box full of parts left over. What to do with that? Bunches of mirror control switches, headlap switches, door/window switches. The Contour OEM CDP that Shotwell sold me (or was it donated)? A Contour OEM cassette deck. Various engine temp control switches and relays and whatnot. Is there a Contour parts warehouse for the recently departed? Already had to start digging into the Explorer. Automatic gearshift indicator light on the floor console was out. Fixed. Added an AUX cable to the after-market stereo, a Pioneer Premier unit. And cleaned. Boy did I clean. I think the center console was the last guy's lunch table. Yuk!
  15. Oh, and speaking of things that drive ya crazy about used cars: I looked in the trunk and..... no jack and no wrench to lower the spare tire. Now who would keep those? Also, the previous guy installed a nice Pioneer Elite multi-source car head unit, but .... he kept or lost the freaking remote!?! Half the stuff you can't do without the remote, and it doesn't work with other units. Why keep it??? So, anybody hitting a u-pull-it soon that can look for an 4th Generation Explorer jack and spare tire wrench?
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