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  1. terry i meant to edit that out, It would neeed a custom clutch disc, Also can anybody give me the measurement of how deep the mtx trans bell housing is? I need a really close number
  2. terry do you think it would be possible to keep the factory flexplate, clutch, pressure plate assembly, and bellhousing if i made a custom bracket to mate the t-5 transmission? And then just get a custom friction disc and pilot bearing to match?
  3. hmm its still a possibility though could a bellhousing from the mtx75 that mates to the 2.0 bolt onto the jags?
  4. Damn I was hoping it would mate up to the 2.0, I am still deciding whether awd or rwd is best for me
  5. So everybody I've done more research on this topic, and now I'm hearing stuff such as a jaguar x type mtx75 awd trany might bolt right onto this motor. Anybody know if this is true? I mean i know a lot would have to change but if it bolts on then I can fab mounts and such
  6. Oh ok I see what you did, What kind of stock were you using, and what else needs to be done?
  7. @ianmcc thanks that seems to be what i was looking for, can you post pictures of what yours looks like?
  8. Yes, I will be rotating the engine, I was curious if there might have been anything in the local junkyard I could use though
  9. Does anybody know of a rwd manual transmission and bellhousing that will bolt right onto the zetec? This will not be going in a contour, however I wasn't sure were to post this.
  10. terry after digging into it, it seems the chain tensioner has failed, allowing the chain to smack everything. Looks like i need a new car for now
  11. I'm getting a rattling sound coming from cylinder 4 and the front of the engine, could this be my chain? The car has 124000 miles on it
  12. That wasn't easy to do either..
  13. damn, have you seen this happen before terry? It looks like a previous owner was in a hurry to go in reverse.
  14. wow dude your's looks the same as mine. the one bolt completely rusted through and the trans now has a ton of corrosion in that area. Terry can this be replaced easily?
  15. does anybody know what that panel does?
  16. indeed, I hope Terry could comment about this.
  17. There a bolt thats rusted off. And the plate is broken. Was about to do complete suspension overhaul until i saw that.
  18. thanks for that terry. Your an honest guy. Lol
  19. so i guess my final question on this subject would be, Do you guys think it would be worth it?
  20. the thinking about just using the stock intake and fabin up a bracket. I'd have to block egr and inject hole but it would be good for proof of concept i think
  21. Thanks terry for the input. I this it would be easier to do a carb setup because tuning an efi engine seems to be harder to do. Could i run everything stock on the motor to start? besides the intake of course
  22. I guess that would be the only to do it. I was hoping it would be so expensive. lol http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/ford-zetec-e-tuning-guide/weber-alpha-carburettor-ignition-kit-zetec-18-45-dcoe-5-98-webk99001.html Would this fit on the 96 zetec? Also Does it come with everthing needed to run the car? They also mention 130PS Cams. I'm not sure what this means
  23. I like the idea of this for my racing setup. Any idea's where to get started?
  24. the same thing happened to me with the bushings. and idea where to get them?
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