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Re-dyno tuned the 3l turbo today

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Ok well I went down to Team Ford today cause Jerry a high ranking sct rep was there (one of the co-founders of sct) and he re-dyno tuned the car. It is leaking at the bov (damn rfl's) but the egt's are fixed and not spiking anymore and the tune is great for now, that is till the Gulf Coast Thunder meet when Joey really fine tunes it.


It was running verrrry lean hence the spiking egt's. Also the tune that was on it the Spark was at factory settings, for a n/a 2.5l csvt. He fixed all that and with the leaking bov I went from 265.2hp to 313.9hp and from 241.9tq to 321.4tq. It was running soo lean I belive cause it was tuned for Alky and I havent ran it.


Once I get the bov situation fixed he said he is 100% confident that it will dyno at around 340-360. Mainly cause the peak hp was at around 4500rpm then the boost went back to 8psi cause of the leak, if I maintained 14psi it would have kept rising and gotten alot more hp #'s


Getting strapped down





1st vid at 265.2hp and 241.9tq @ 8psi



2nd run, the computer didnt save it. @ 8psi



3rd run 267.4hp and 260.3 tq @ 8psi



4th run 268.3hp and 259.2tq @ 8psi



5th run 311.0hp and 320.3tq @ 14psi



6th run 313.9hp and 321.4tq @ 14psi



1st dyno run chart @ 8psi



final run chart @ 8psi


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Good numbers!


However, I'm a bit concerned at the AFR @


Your car is looking nice too! :punk:

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