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My new kitten


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2005 Jaguar X-Type SportWagon aka evolution of the Ford Contour aka Mk III Mondeo tarted up with fiddly bits, AWD, and badged as a Jag.



With my '99 Taurus getting up in miles and never a break from DD duties, a recent hit 'n run, and overdue maintenance, I decided to give it a rest for a bit before something actually fails. I've been wanting an X-Type 3.0 MTX but they are rare and hard to find. After owning a '97 Taurus Wagon, I found a great appreciation for the utility of it. A quick browse on craigslist popped up a clean 2005 Jaguar X-Type Sport Wagon 3.0. After a quick look, test drive, and low ball offer, a deal was made. 76,000 miles, and needs tint badly... otherwise light wear and tear for it's age. Overall very clean. Here she is :D














Pics taken with my Omnia.



So, it's not as quick as my 3L Contour with it's 3800lbs of AWD wagon-ness, but the extra weight in the rear does improve the car's balance in the corners. It does handle impressively well. As it is essentially a reworked Ford Contour, I was expecting the fit and finish to be lower end, even if it does have a pouncing cat on the hood. All the reviews I had read over the years mentioned that it is not up to the standards of luxury of other Jag models. Now that I own one, I can agree, but it is greatly improved over the Contour and Taurus. I think it's very nice for being the baby of the brand. Funny how some reviews called it one of the biggest failures of the last decade. Whatever... works in my favor anyway cuz my rebadged Ford was fairly inexpensive.

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Nice Jag,would have been nice like you said to get it with a manual.I need a better job all you multiple car guys are making me see the green eyed monster. :lol: Kudos on the find,may she bring you many years of happiness.

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It needs some 22s. laugh.gif



yeah, I'm not really into the black and chrome blingy look, but I couldn't pass up the price at the moment. I have another set of wheels I want to try out.

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...can't be a Jag, it's not in British Racing Green!!..(mine is with light tan interior)..Nice ride,pity you couldn't get an MTX but still nice all the same..

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...can't be a Jag, it's not in British Racing Green!!..(mine is with light tan interior)..Nice ride,pity you couldn't get an MTX but still nice all the same..



That's because it's a Ford, and true Fords are black tongue.gif


I feel right at home in this car. It feels very much like the Contour, but the interior quality is miles ahead. I like all the Jaguar influences. They help to remind me that while the chassis is Ford, the end result is classic Coventry. The 5 speed auto makes it quick enough and casual in stop and go traffic. Probably my biggest complaint so far is the lack of cubby holes... nowhere to set my sun glasses or cell phone.


I had to try out my old 17" Kazera wheels from my sold SHO. I like the look, but the fender lips need to be rolled.






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I got the car tinted this week. Darkest legal all around... which is something like 30% on the front two, 20% on the back 2, and 15% around the back, brow, and moon roof. Premium film of course, mostly for heat reduction/reflection, but it looks great too. I immediately noticed a HUGE difference in interior heat when I get into the car after it's been sitting in the sun all day. It looks limo tint dark from the outside, but I think that is an effect of the black interior.


I am surprised this car doesn't have any tint across the top of the windshield from the factory. The brow tint I added helps. Tint on the moonroof was solely for radiant heat reflection. The glass is already tinted dark.





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