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COP with 3L turbo setup

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Alright so I've been debating on the ignition system for my 3L turbo build. Here is everything I have...


MSD DIS-4 ignition box

Accel Super coil pack

OEM Ford coil pack

Taylor Thundervolt 8.2mm wires

full set of COP units off of a 2005 Escape


Which route should I take? Standard coil pack with plug wires or COP? I've been told that COP may not be up to the challenge with the 3L turbo, but I don't understand how that would be the case. Any thoughts, comments?

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....with any ign system with a turbo,s/c or ultra high compression ratio, just close up the plugs to around 35 thou and you will be fine..The 'system' for the spark is your choice.


Fair enough. I think I'll just be running with some colder NGK plugs and stick with my MSD DIS-4, Accel coil pack, and Taylor Thundervolt wires then.

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I found the Accel coil work better as a paper weight. Junk.


I'd convert to the COP setup. Much cleaner appearance.

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