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3.0 Intake differences


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Hey Group,


I'm doing some contract work over at Ford Engine Plant 1 in Brook Park (Cleveland) OH. So in the course of my daily duties, I see alot of 3.0's in various stages of undress.


Hard to concentrate, ahem.


So my question is this : Which applications get a plastic upper and which get an aluminum one ? Different markets, too ?

All the short blocks look alike but the heads, intakes and inductions vary some.


I bet Dom wants a box of TTY head bolts , eh ?

Terry wants the old posters/pix on the plant walls of Jags and the actual fully dressed chrome Jag v6 in the lobby, yes ?


Old plant, not a purty one like CEP2 out front they show on the news.


Finally, I got to hear the soft jingle/tinkle sound of about 1000 rod caps lined up and marching forward together to their final machining on the cap line. Interesting.




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