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Terry Haines

Welding 'The Bolt'..

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...not so fast guys, read and understand why this is not such a good idea vs our 'Keyed Tower' Mod..


...first off both the bolt and the later roll pin design on the trans tower/turret has major design flaws. The bolt or the pin operates in shear mode all the time when a gear is engaged. the vertical shaft that rotates to engage gear via the shift arm, is always trying to shear off either the bolt or pin as it rotates..


To weld the bolt to the shift arm only saves the bolt head from dropping into the trans when it breaks...which it will..even a bigger bolt will still operate in shear mode..


Welding.. To weld to the PM/Sintered shift arm is a major problem . PM parts have two drawbacks to being welded..1)very hard material does not accept weld very well 2)PM material are a porous powder construction..and I know, from a lot of experience with welding such components during my time at Benteler Automotive, that PM parts retain oil etc, this turns to carbon when heated to weld temps and can contaminate the weld..not a good idea at all ...Parts have to be 100% oil free and even 'bakeing out' parts to remove the oil is never 100% effective...so welding is not such a good idea.


With a key there is no shear force on the bolt or pin and the force is transmitted by the larger surface area of the key. The only way it can fail is to split/crack open the whole shift arm !!.which I can tell you (we did the math here for load,surface area etc..so i know the keyed mod is designed correctly by us!!) has never happend!!


Can tap dance all you wish round bigger bolts, welding bolts etc...neither will fix the root cause of this bad design..only the Keyed Tower will do that...

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