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Stage 3 Motorworks... We're still here...lol


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I recently caught up with an old member who asked me if S3M was still kicking. At first I thought he was joking, but I realized with this economy he wasn't. Actually, I am doing pretty well.


I know it's been pretty quiet over here, it's because I'm here working my fingers to the bone on Contour's, Mystique's, Cougar's and other vehicles.


Billy (my old apprentice) no longer works at S3M, if you are wondering why please refer to the BULLITT fiasco we had here earlier this year. He's been gone for some time, and that's left me here by myself doing everything - Which doesn't bother me in the least bit (I started as a one man band), I don't need to rely on others to succeed.


Here's a couple of treats from my current work in process at the shop:


2008 Mustang (Shelby GT).. 11,000 miles. I've been tasked with upgrading the performance on this Shelby 4.6L. I am installing a FRP Supercharger Kit and alot of extra's to the car. This is a small project in comparison to 3L work - But it's fun. I can't wait to test drive it with 550HP at the crank.. Should be good times! I may post a dyno after it's done...


Enjoy pics:

Shop091210 013.jpg Shop091210 014.jpg


Otherwise, 3L builds have dropped off (that's ok, I've been buried in local work and rebuildables to keep me busy for quite a long time!!). Anyhow, we are always open for helping a fellow CDW-27 owner!!



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