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Old Contour tower on 02 Cougar MTX75 - Doesn't fit

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So I'm finally getting around to shipping my trans into you Terry (it's taken months...) however now that I have acquired a old style Contour tower I have found that it doesn't fit onto the 02 Cougar MTX75. It appears that the alignment pin (as I call it, see pictures below) on the newer MTX75 is taller, which fits into the oversized hole on the lower bolt hole of the later style tower bolt pattern. The old style tower uses this alignment pin as well, but it doesn't protrude up into the top casting of the tower. Only the steel 'fork' so to speak below the mounting surface uses it so on my old 98 Contour MTX75 the alignment pin does not come up past the machined mounting surface as it does on the newer 02 Cougar MTX75.


What needs to be completed to make the old tower fit on the late model MTX75? The way I look at it there are three options:

1 - drill out the mounting hole on the old style tower to allow the alignment pin to pass through further.

2 - remove material off of the alignment pin so that the pin does not come past the machined mounting surface

3 - press the pin down further into trans housing bringing it down below the machined mounting surface.




02 Cougar Trans Alignment pin



height difference from the machined surface (roughly 9mm)



98 Contour Trans Alignment pin



Hard to see... but the pin doesn't come past the mounting surface



Comparison of towers (shows the 'steel fork' I was referring too on the older tower



placing the newer tower over the old one you can see the hole size difference



Installed pictures


Old tower (interference shown with pin)



New tower



aligned in hole


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....I just remove the late long dowel and fit the early short dowel!!....I'd just leave it alone and let me sort it out...Never try to force an ally tower on or you can damage the 'tree' under the ally housing and the ally housing...

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Ah that makes sense. I just don't have another dowel pin laying around that I could use. Didn't even think you could get those anymore if you needed one. However I suppose you have some of those laying around. I'll put the tower in a separate box, although I'm running out of room with all the other parts going along with it :wink: although I'll find a way. I tell you those Glad forceflex bags work really well for packing peanuts. They can stretch and form around the trans. I'd imagine everything should be ready to go out Monday after I get off work.

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