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sources of brake fluid leak

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What are the possible sources of a brake fluid leak?


Last night the brake light started flickering and when I checked the fluid level was low. I normally keep the brake fluid at the max line.


I have to check over the car again but I have looked at the following locations:


brake hard to soft line joints and at the calipers - didn't note any evidence of fluid last night

the clutch master - the sound deadening material on the firewall was dry

brake booster - no signs of a leak down the front of the brake booster from the master


places that I will be checking:

the abs unit

clutch line

and I will check the other locations again



I have not noticed any change in the how the brakes and clutch have been working. I changed out the brake fluid when I got the car in 2010, level had not dropped until recently, but it has been awhile since I have checked it.


So where else should I check for leaks?

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Did you find anything? I have run across a situation where there was an internal seal failure within a master cylinder once. That time there was no fluid leak the brakes just didn't work right. As I would expect from you, you covered your inspection bases as far as I can tell.



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A long time ago, my Golf had fluid leaking from the soft line but it wasn't continuous. There was a small tear which would leak only if the soft line was pressed. Not sure if your Contour has the same problem.


You may also want to check the bleeder valves.

(I've only replaced pads and rotors on the Contour so this is a shot in the dark.)

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There are multiple places brake fluid can leak. I've seen failed master cylinders leak inside the booster (hiding the fact they are leaking), failed clutch line from the clutch master to the slave at the master connection, and above all... Soft lines in the rear around the gas tank that over time rot out and seep.



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