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2.0L exhaust manifold

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This weekend I was doing some work on my 95 and decided to chang out the metal by-pass water line that goes across the front of the engine. Since I had about 50 things to do this weekend, of course one of the bolts broke so I figured that I'd go ahead and pull the heat shield and get a closer look at it. What got my attention was a crack in the exhaust manifold. I have found a replacement so the question is what brand gasket to use.




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I found mine was cracked also, I just used the Felpro gasket that Orielly's stocked. But I went cheap and used some thermo seal to fix my crack. Took a lot longer than just swapping out manifolds. But I did also replace my PCV valve and the grommet. I had to use Hi Temp silicone for the Oil Separator gasket since Auto zone nor Orielly's had anything listed for that part. They didn't even have the part itself listed.

So far this also fixed my P0171 CEL code too.

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