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So Cal Meet?

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Anyone in So Cal want to do a meet? I want to see some more SVT's this summer. :)

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We are setting up a meet with Contour.org, and CaliforniaFords.com on Saturday 4/21/12 in Orange County, before the Fabulous Fords Forever car show at Knotts Berry farm on 4/22/12 Sunday. I'm working with a few automotive business to help host the Saturday car show.

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Sweet finally some peeps on the ORG :)

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THis place alive at all?

Not really , the forums are dying :(

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Save them.. you get CA built up.. Ill do the northern states.. I got peeps in AZ my home city.. we could do this lol.

I am working on it, I have Andy and his cousin both active duty Devildogs, and alot of unfriendly SVT peeps LOL


Try hollering at them and they think you are a carjacker LOL

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