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I'm in Connecticut.

I feel so alone. Will someone come out and play. :please:

The winter is over and I need to do some spring cleanup on the Contour. First is to get the sand out of the plastic rocker panels. Did my brakes last week and found them pretty sandy when i pulled the covers. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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Im in Maine.  A lot of Contours up this way but nobody does anything to them.  Its pretty frustrating.  They are great cars!


 Yes, even though I am in the PNW, I have heard that there is a strong concentration of SVT's in the New England states. Yes, these are great cars, no doubt!! btw - Dom has moved on to different activities and interests, but was gracious enough to "hand off" this site to a number of it's members in order to "keep it going". With your participation, as well as other in the New England states (spread the word) this site is destined to grow and provide many services to it's members, regardless of where they live!!! Thanks - Mondeoman

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