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Only have a short layover in San Francisco and want to see the sights? Steve McQueen's alter egos will take you for a spin through the city. Don't blink or you'll miss something.  Fans of Bullet will recognize a lot of the same seens and similar stunts, and fans of San Francisco will enjoy the scenes of the city.
A 252 hp Ford Fiesta races,  spins and jumps through some of San Francisco's toughest streets in and out of street cars and even a barge in the Bay!   
It's a Ford promo driven by one of the best drivers ever for this type of racing. You will recognize the landmarks as he zips by, spinning circles and getting great  "air" over the steep hills of the city.
Just a real fun video to watch for those familiar with SF.


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I dunno if I'd call Ken Block one of the best. He can barely complete a single WRC race or score any points. His stunts are fun to watch. His racing is not.

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