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Today Yahoo has an article about how the people at NHTSA have been furloughed and can no longer follow up on complaints and investigations of safety recalls.  The biggest fault with this is that they don't have much power to do anything anyway. 


I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has been waiting for a recalled part since Report Receipt Date: NOV 08, 2012  NHTSA Campaign Number: 12V527000.  The recall is for faulty airbag module that can go off without warning.  I have called Chrysler and they put me at the head of the list for replacement.  Big Deal!!!  If they don't have a solution, it seems that there is no time limit before there are penalties and no real rush.  Maybe we'll all crash and die before they fix our cars, that will save them a bunch of money.


Ask me if I feel bad for the furloughed workers.  I actually do.  The mismanagement of government agencies is well known.  It reflects poorly on the management of the agencies and In turn the management of the government.  Both political parties are to blame.  Both parties are peeing to mark their territory and don't give a crap about the people who they are supposed to be serving.


Any suggestions? 



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