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Stoptech Time to Change


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Well little disappointed my stoptech drilled rotors didn't have a longer life but at

least I found replacements at a half decent price at Rockauto

The units up front with my BAT big brake kit still have some life.

This post dedicated to my good friend Bill




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Doug - very nice pics my friend, very nice!!! Glad to see you made your way over to us!!! You will quickly find out that we enjoy pics and instructions!!!

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LOL i tried to edit my post to say the only upside to having my wife leave after 20 yrs

was that i could turn my kitchen into a place to modify new brackets for my Sparco

race seats..for yrs i had one sparco one apc..finally gave in and got another sparco

but the spacing was different.

This along with buying a brand new Ford rear subframe proves i am nuts

But I love my 99 mercSVT getting final SVT part...rear bumper painted now

to join up with SVT front bumper and side skirts..cheers  dp Canada

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Sorry for multiple posts I will have to learn this system when i try to edit my posts it says denied


Few more photos...My SVT rear bumper started its "life" with me humbly on the back of off road vehicle in Michigan...it made its way to Canada via my USA mailbox so shipping companies don't add "border brokerage fees" and onto my Merc...now its off and at the body shop...

Hopefully someday a rear door from the beautiful west coast of USA will join the group making this /Canuck a happy guy...

Formula One Four Time World champs Red Bull Racing also started life humbly

as Ford Jaquar F1 team..hearing the engine noise and seeing the glowing brakes in person..recommended to treat all ills



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One nice thing about this site is that no one goes berserk over "imperfect form" wrt posts, pics, questions etc.


btw, the SVT bumper looks much better on the Contour than on the ATV!  :)

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Forty years later I am still using my Cibie Super Oscar driving lites

Just amazin how they light up the road vs my brand new Rockauto headlights

Maybe not too pretty and while travelling to my USA mailbox the border guard

was sure they were the biggest lites he had seen on a car and that they must

ruin gas mileage..I didn't care what he said as long as he waved me thru...he didpost-14933-0-21856800-1392274268_thumb.jpgpost-14933-0-49489700-1392274304_thumb.jpgpost-14933-0-82118000-1392274315_thumb.jpg

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