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Rear swap-bar bushing sizes


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This question is on the rear sway-bar bushing to body.  Is the rubber bushing id designed to be slightly smalled ID than sway--bar OD?

   I'm finally getting around to re-bushing the rear/etc on the back-up Mystique LS and on my original thinking the bar was 17MM I


replaced with 17mm bushings.  It was my understanding that 4-cylinder used 16mm, the V-6 used 17mm and SVT 18mm factory?


    However after year or so replacing the bushing started to squeal annoyingly!  So while taking it apart I Mike'd the sway-bar it's 18


MM.   This is 98 Mystique LS V6 ATX built 07/97.   The back-up Mystique is same except 13 months older built 08/98.


At 68 getting down and under and Theeeeen getting back out from under JEEZE!!!!!


i noticed Rock auto info on the 17mm bushings says ID 16.75mm 


  I've talked several times to your fellow countrymen (ham radio) but never run into any retired Ford engineers.  If you know of any that were into Ham radio, well if your like me remember!!!! you've got to kiddingEH!!hi hi


Oh Terry I was reading about World Bank info, do remember the UK's big money valuation/inflation in early 70's?   We are getting ripe for that to happen here those the reckless idiots are printing money and possibly US loosing 25% of gold/dollar standard to the new group forming their own standard!!!! China,Russia & Brazil.      can't afford to live any where affordably!

  Take care

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As I recall the factory bushes have ,what looks like, a material liner inside the bush.They do clamp down tight BUT put some Sil-Glyde inside the bush and around the bar and it should be fine. sil-Glyde can be had from NAPA, it's a silicone grease..

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Paul - My experience would be the same similiar to what you and Terry both have stated. I installed the larger rear SVT bar on my '95 Zetec MTX; I used the ES poly urethane bushing with their supplied silicone grease. This will definately assist you with curbing any potential problems down the road. Yes, my '95 came with 16mm in the rear and it mic'd out to 16.05, depending if I checked the well worn area where the bushing lives or if I checked elswhere (16.5).


Yes, at 60 this climbing under a vehicle is/has already got OLD!!!! More power to you Paul!!

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From the BAT catalog

I have a BAT 21 mm on my 1999 merc mystique but when my OEM unit started to rattle my mechanic found

the steel bar was ground down but the factory bushing wasn't...go figure

When i took off the factory bar I was going crazy trying to figure out how to get it off..

Finally called my friend Chris at CTA Motorsports and he said grab it with both hands and pull it down

sure enough it slipped past the gas tank and came off

I did the same thing with the bigger BAT bar..just pushed it up and it slipped into place


Front Bar Bushing 19mm (SVT only) K407BA $9.50ea
Front Bar Bushing 20mm (standard) K407BU $9.50ea
Rear Bar Bushing 16mm (standard) G408BU $7.45ea
Rear Bar Bushing 18/19mm (SE, SVT, Cougar) K408B $7.45ea
Rear Bar Bushing 21mm (BAT Bar only) K408BU $7.45ea

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