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As seen on the following web site -  http://www.carsurvey.org/reviews/ford/contour/r11041/comments/page-2/


15th Aug 2010, 13:30

I am an architectural designer, and recently worked on an addition for a fabulously wealthy client in a million-dollar plus home. The lady of the house was showing me around, and I commented on the brand new Toyota Camry hybrid in the auto court. "That's my husband's. It's garbage!" the elegant lady snapped. "The REAL dream car is in my garage." She took me to one of the detached garages and opened the door. Inside was a beautiful 1996 Ford Contour. She explained that she had bought it new and driven it for the past 14 years. "I'm keeping it FOREVER". She said proudly. I've always liked Contours too.


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Great story!  And it's always great to run across a really nicely maintained Contique, and especially neat in the story's context.


Slightly different scenario, but I recently had a sighting in the movie "Jobs", where there was a lovely red Contour parked in from of a (I believe the neighborhood was) Los Altos Hills home.  The time was earlier, I believe, and the Contour was the "LA car of the year" when it came out, so this seems fairly realistic for the time; however, the neighborhood was very upscale.  


Also, awhile back, I parked beside a lovely blue (same color as Cassandra) 1995 SE, with leather, moon-roof, power driver's seat, Exactly like my red '95 SE, but the blue SE was an auto instead of manual, which mine is.  I ended up speaking with the two ladies whose car it was, and one had bought the car new.  She enthusiastically volunteered that she'd loved every minute of owning and driving it.  She'd bequeathed it to her daughter, who was driving that day, and also seemed very happy with it.  It is quite low mileage and I often drive by the house where it is parked in the driveway.  


I also had a sighting of another '95 SE in our general neighborhood, last weekend; this one red with tinted windows; not in the greatest condition, but nice to see all the same.  I think this was a different '95 SE than one I see fairly regularly parked in front of a very nice home a bit south of us.  Both red SEs are automatics.


Thanks for posting this story Mondeoman!

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Thank you for sharing this "sighting", Ferret!!! Very nice story regarding these two lady owners of your "look alike" (other than color).

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