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Just bought a Ford Edge


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:D Just got a 2007 Edge to replace the Contour.   I loved this car but it was time to let someone else enjoy it.  I just posted it in classifieds.   It only has 48,000 miles on it.  I love the Edge.  It reminds me of driving a big old Cadillac.  All nice features great handling and really quiet inside.  I know there are problems with the PTO leaking but mine is FWD.  I have a Grand Cherokee for winter driving so who cares.  I have been getting 20 mpg on an average and haven't tried the highway muck.  I'm  expecting about 29 for long trips.  My contour usually gave me about 22 average city driving.




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I hear nothing but praise from owners of the Edge. Good choice and continue to keep on HAPPY MOTORING......drop in when you can.


btw - Your Contour was quite the "looker". Do you know the buyer or did you trade it in? Hopefully an enthusiast purchased her.

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