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ive been here for a while. been on ceg and neco forever too. decided to post my ride up here.


i have a 1999 cougar, ive been building it for 4 years, until i totalled it into a ditch at 70 last december. so i decided to buy a shell and swap all my parts over plus more. basically my brand new coilovers were completly shot. i had probably less then 300 miles on them, so i basically had to buy all my suspension components twice.


i decided to put a shiz ton more money into it since im swapping everything to my new shell so heres my current mods list. the new cougar is also the same exact color as the old which was freakin hard to find! and it was also and early return style!

Engine Setup:
- 2004 3.0L taurus engine 
- Full oval port swap
Performance Mods:
- complete motor and head rebuild
- PNP heads
- st220 intake manifolds and custom spacer
- #32 injectors
- MSDS Headers 
- 2.5" Magnaflow Exhaust (had custom true dual exhaust half made but decided to run single til i get more money to legitly finish the dual)
- 65mm tb
- msds y-pipe ( my true dual setup doesnt have a y pipe,i just welded the damn thing)
- new autolite plugs 
- new motorcraft plug wires
- PRT Powersteering delete
Cooling Mods:
- stock radiator and cooling system
Transaxle Mods:
- clutchnet stage 3 disc and PP
- spec 9lb flywheel
- torsen
- 3.8 FD
-rebuilt trans
Suspension mods:
- TZT front endlinks
- front poly swap bar bushings
- koni and spax strut
- ground control coils with technotoy tuning pillow ball mounts
- PRT camber plate conversion
- PRT solid subframe bushings
Tuning Mods:
- #32 injectors (almost maxing out the #24s on stock 3L)
- livewire
- i dyno tuned it myself, twice now on mustang dyno
Brake mods:
- hawk pads
- EBC GD series rotors
- dot 4 fluid
Other mods:
half the rest of the car was rebuild, like new axles, wheel bearings, new rack and pinion, outer tire rod ends, and other stuff, too much to list, basically the only thing left stock is the rear subframe
old numbers 199hp 195tq
last years dyno tuning numbers
221hp and 223tq
between the last tune and this years, i have rebuilt the motor, PNP heads, st220 intake manifolds and spacer made, injectors from #24 to #32, and made my custom true dual exhaust.
the tune isnt 100%, and its not even at 60% but the car put down 236 whp so far, but i hate how it runs, so i cant wait to put it on the dyno again, hoping for 240+
and here are pics
the stance
old bay
new build
my dualzz
ill have to take a few pics of the new bay soon.lol 
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Well I use to think likewise (# of doors).....what until you have a family! 4 doors takes on a whole new meaning!!

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What muffler is that? I had a hard time finding a narrow body dual in/out muffler. The magnaflow I have is a little wide for my needs.

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i dont remember but i could find out. but i wouldnt use it. it sounds terrible! lol. i switched to my single now. its because of the true dual. it needs to connect into a single pipe either before the muffler or after to make the sounds resonate better. 

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Nice. Looks like a better alternative than the tubular LCAs. Are these Focus parts or designed for the Contour / Cougar?

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