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Thanks to AussieFord


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Hey Aussie

Just bought a third mercury mystique remote keyfob for $13

and your step by step(with photos) programming guide really saved my bacon

Didn't realize how easy it was...after u find the the connector to short inside the

glove compartment. You also saved ME by Posting that you had to

program all your remotes along with the new one

I now have three remote key fob sets and one door opening only key

behind the license plate.

many thanks


last time i crossed the United States/Canada border the US guard wasn't going

to let me thru until I told her why i had Cibie Super Oscars on SVT front bumper

on my 99 merc mystique

Hopefully when i cross over tomorrow to get the two extra programmable ignition keys

i won't run into the same guard LOL


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