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99 contour se 2.0 gauge cluster swap

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I swapped the gauge cluster out of a v6 that had the rpm gauge everthin else works except the rpm what do I have to do to get it to read the rpm is it just a wire since it originally didn't have it if so which wire do I run it from?

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Are you stating you have no rpm on the tach, or incorrect rpm? The tach's are unique for the 4 cyl and the 6 cyl - hence the designation on the face of the tach. There is a "mod" that can be made to the 6 cyl tach in order to function in a 4 cyl.


Picking up the tach pulse can be done in a number of places, depending on the year and model/equipment level, of our 'Tour. You are saying you did NOT have a tach in your 'Tour pror to this recent gauge cluster install?

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I will look for this and send it to you - PM. Thanks for asking. I ended up using the gauge cluster from a Mystique Zetec into my Contour Zetec - picking up the tach pulse required me to "hard wire" this into place. It has been reported that some (later years?) Contours with the Zetec have the Molex plug already wired for this tach inclusion - located adjacent to the interior fuse box. Not the case with mine ('95 Kansas City Assembly in Claycomo, Mo.)

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I have confirmed on my own cars (2 mitys, 2 SVTs) that the gauge cluster's must also be same year.. 99 can only go in 99


I had a 1998 Neither my 99 or 00 gauges worked..in it.


My 99 tique and 99 SVT can swap gauges and everything works no problem..


I'm not saying this is end all advice, but from personal testing that has been the case with mine...


My 98 was a 4 banger.. my two 99's are a SVT and a V6 mystique(returnstyle), my other one was another SVT it was a 00(returneless,different ecu)

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