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'British Invasion' in Vermont..

Terry Haines

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Terry - you attended more than one day of this event?


 I am always amazed to see the numbers of rides continue to increase at these British events. Back in 1984 I drove my 1974 1/2 MGB to this event - American MGB Association. To see well over 200 MGB's of various models (including the factory works (sorta) MGB V8) is enough to make me act like a kid in a candy store!!!


Also, since I am on a British roll at this moment, check this out - Aussie, you there? I met John Twist back in 1984 at this AMGB meet I spoke of. http://universitymotorsltd.com/ Please do read the link to John Twist - I found this quote put a smile on my face, as I am sure it will to yours (Terry and AF as well as others):


 "While John was fascinated with the mechanical functions of the car, it was the owner’s handbook and workshop manual which truly intrigued him. Written in beautiful, stilted British technical language, with words and phrases as “paraffin, stands proud, strike smartly, drive home…” and line drawings which equal the skill of any artist, this work of antiquated mechanical systems and electromechanical devices, as well as the positively devilish combination of measurement systems, made for the most fascinating reading he had ever found".

I am now motivated to search CL for an MGB!!!

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FWIW..in my shop now I have gearboxes for a 1953 Riley RMF 2.5....an Austin-Healey 3000 ,BN7 tri-carb w/overdrive and a Jaguar 420 gearbox with overdrive...last week it was an MG TC and a Triumph TR250.....LOT's of British cars in this area...

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