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Talked with Ford dealer in UK Ham radio

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Since it's been so long my 69 year old brain can't remember how contact you direct sorry!

Anyhow talk to I'll do a cut paste from his QRZ page.





Jeffrey is a partner in family garage/Ford dealship, Bp station and a Spar shop his dad must have been started years ago he spope about is dad being 83 and his wife runs the Spar shop. he explained the Spar is not unlike what allot of our gas stations here have mini-mart.

one jeffs old restorations Terry and his Ham radio hobby! Just like you always said "yes over here most of our cars have manual gearboxs!!!! You folks have all those autoboxes!!

Anyhow every now and then I talk Hams in the UK but this was my first who knew what a Duratec was!!!!

All the Best Terry!!!

Paul Echelberger

OH by the I still have my Two 98 Mystiques!Damn that stink-in no good SALT!!!!!:rolleyes: They're still look'en good but get down and underneath a real bitch (what's a UK word that in could use instead of bitch Terry?)


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For some reason the first pic didn't attach


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