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Indicator Lens Fell Off

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I have been working on my customized Mystique foglight mounts (made from pieces of my old A/C ductwork) and noticed a puddle of brake fluid on the inside rim of the front passenger wheel.  I ordered a new caliper from O'Reilly, and decided to put on the new VSS on the other Mystique I've had laid up since the wiring crapped out.  The swap went well, and on the test drive I noted the ATX wasn't acting like the O/D was off like before.  I suppose the controls for the ATX model need the VSS signal to work right, so I have more time to do my re-wiring job.  I parked the car, and noted the driver's side front indicator lens was missing.  It had fallen off when I made my first turn around the block.


Well, the car is twenty years old now, so I expect someone else on the forum has had this happen to them, or it is about to.  What type of adhesive can keep the lens on and the moisture out?  I had bad luck trying to fix that plastic Mystique trunk reflector thing with silicone.  Epoxy and superglue seem too brittle over the long haul.  I've tried that 3M trim adhesive on some loose trim, and it doesn't seem to work very well.  Any suggestions?

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