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Computer code P1413

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Found this:


P1413 Ford


P1413 Ford - Secondary Air Injection System Monitor Circuit Low Voltage


Repair Importance Level: 3/3

Repair Difficulty Level: 3/3 What does this mean?

Possible causes

- Faulty Secondary Air Injection Downstream (AIR) pump

- Hose off or blocked

- Bypass solenoid stuck open/closed

What does this mean? What does this mean?

Possible symptoms

- Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)

P1413 Ford Description

Secondary Air Injection Downstream (AIR) Flow. The secondary air injection system does not detect the presence of air in the exhaust when introduced by the secondary air injection system Electric AIR Pump Hose from AIR pump leak AIR bypass solenoid leak/blocked Hose from AIR pump blocked AIR bypass solenoid stuck open/closed In order to test the AIR pump, it must be capable of driving the HO2S lean.




Read more: http://www.autocodes.com/p1413_ford.html#ixzz3usyvUzTq

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Found this on a mustang forum





I have FINALLY solved the mystery of P1413. It wound up being the smog pump after all... Five pumps and two bottles of WD40 later... Show's ya not to buy sh*t out of a junkyard. Not to mention, the vacuum solenoid was bad too. I pulled off the tube that connected them both and the pump wasn't blowing air; the solenoid wasn't sucking air either. I wound up dissecting these five smog pumps. Not only were they filled with water, but the motor was usually covered in about an inch of rust and the fan inside was all seized up. All I can say is find a junkyard that guarantees their parts. Ford Motors wanted $250 for the stupid thing, without shipping!! 

In case anyone else is trying to decipher this code, check the vacuum solenoid first. It's A LOT cheaper, but chances are the pump is bad too. Blow through the steel end, and if no air comes out the other side it's toast... Replace it. For part 2, wait until the engine is cool and start it up. The rubber hose that connects the pump to the solenoid check valve thingy should be blowing air. If it's not, the pump is bad or it's not receiving power for one of various reasons. Chances are the pump is just rusted out or seized up like the five that I went through before fixing it. It runs on DC power so to check it, just pull it out (it's in the front by the passenger side bumper, there's only three bolts holding it in... (10mm)) and hook it up to the battery with two pieces of wire (strip the ends first). I'll betcha it doesn't turn on. Get a new one, test it using the same method, replace it and that should be the extent of the problem. Thankfully I never had to change the O2 sensors. 

Oh, and by the way, there is also fuse in the power distribution box called "Secondary Air Injection System". It's 30 AMP MAXI and about $1.99 from AutoZone. It would probably be a good idea to check this too before spending $100 from a junkyard for a pump you might not need. Google "P1413 fuse" to get a diagram, but I think it's the sixth one in. 

I hope this helps! If I get a chance I'll post some pics of the parts and locations.


Also look here.



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