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The long journey from staring at dangling foglight plugs to first light is complete.


I made mounting brackets for my PIAA 2100XT fog lights (P/N 02190) out of galvanized sheet metal and mounted them to the bumper mounting bolts.  They seemed to be the best foglights out there that could fit in the OEM spaces of the Mystique.  I've tried my best to maintain a "stock" look even when upgrading to HID projectors.  Now neither darkness nor fog will stop me!


I installed the missing foglight relay, and even stacked in another relay for a key-off, headlights-off  and modification while I had the panel under the steering wheel off.  Starting from Aussie Ford's Headlight Switch mods I built a Mystique-compatible lighted foglight switch.  Since I lack the lamp and bezel for the OEM foglight indicator, I fabricated one from a Contour foglight indicator bezel mated to a gutted junkyard defroster switch which plugs into the un-used traction control location on the dash.


I then used a water level to properly aim my fog lights, and then simply chopped the black covers that hid the original fog light openings all these years.  I have another Mystique that I need to convert that I'd like to use OEM parts for (except the lights themselves).  If anyone sees one in the junkyard, I need one more fog light relay, the headlight switch bezel with fog light lamp assembly and plug, and the covers that fit on the bumpers.



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