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Engine Light is on, not sure what to try next

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Hi All,


     So   here is the run down.  The history sort of ... to speak.

of the car and  how the light came to being "on'.


1996 contour  2.0L  with about 100k on it.

Car sat for many years with no use. maybe five or could be eight years.



                Car ran fine.... no light was on.

   I did notice car was running hot. and if you sat in traffic it got much worse.

Well, the cooling fan was not coming on.

So , I went through many attempts to get this working.  checking relays,

replacing the coolant temp sensor and replaced sensor on radiator(forget what that one is called)

   Upon removing stuff to get to the  coolant sensor  and the lower sensor on radiator.   I experienced

electrical wires crumbling in my hands.  the insulation literally fell off the wires.  I used  "liquid tape"

and attempted to coat the wires to create the insulation on the wires that fell off. After installing

the new parts and reconnecting the wires , this is when the engine light came on. The light 

was never on before this..... So now , I have a car with a CEL light on. and still the cooling fan

does not work...

These are the Trouble Codes:


P0117   coolant sensor

P0135   Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2

P0131   B1  S1   is lean.......


      So I drove it like this anyway for about a year..... Till the inspection sticker expired....

AND   I ended up just disconnecting the Coolant fan temp sensor because when you

do this,,,,, the coolant fan will run all the time..... That was good enough for the time being.

    SO ON TO the present moment.

  (keep in mind)   I have a new coolant temp sensor installed.. AND at some point I

installed  A new O2 sensor as well.  AND  still have  the same codes above.


NOW,  in the process of getting the car inspected. Well,  I had to plug in the coolant

temperature sensor.  AND I was in the process of trying to complete a drive cycle

when I realized this!.  Soooo, I  pull over in a rest area and turned off car.  I plugged in the

coolant temp sensor and drove to gas station.  I leave car running ( I am still in the drive cycle)

The sensor is plugged in. car is sitting at gas station running and the fan is not kicking on.

I let it run for a few minutes....   I then turn it off.  (CEL is not on)[still in drive cycle] 

I start car back up.... AND lo and behold... the cooling fan begins to function properly.....

( I actually get to see how the cooling fan when functioning properly works real well

at the cooling of the car. the operation temps are much better.)

the check engine light was still off ... It stayed off  while I drove...  the next time

car was started it came on a minute or two after the car was running.

          SOOOO, at this point.... the sensors are new... and replaced....

Why am i getting these codes....  AND  I ended up unplugging the coolant temp sensor

again.  I have not be able to get the fan to kick on properly since it has been unplugged.





    I have wires with broken insulation... that I used liquid tape on....

and since recently,  have also used a generous amount of electrical tape on

ALSO, not yet mentioned... the plastic clip on the plug for the Coolant Temp sensor

has broken off (though I feel it is plugged in despite this).  I have a new Coolant

temp sensor. A new O2 sensor.


  Again: codes are


P0117   coolant sensor

P0135   Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2

P0131   B1  S1   is lean.......


I am wondering about  were to go with this?????


   I tried to see if I got power at the coolant temp sensor....

I don't think I do..... What kind of reading should I have?

Can I just see if a test light, lights while car is running?(as long as car is hot)


    I never have had a working cooling fan...

Just that flukie time... by accident.....


      What to do next?

   replace the computer?


THanks, Grannie

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Sorry don't have the answer to your problems. But someone on one of these forums had a very simple way to wire the fans so the stay on will car is running do a search.









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Yeah possibly,

Fan works then it doesn't...

though it never worked to begin with

even before I touched the car...(and no engine light before I touched the car)

    I just really just need to get it inspected.

So I am pushing for answers in that way...

         Yeah, I remember seeing the  jumper wire to

run the fan...... That is cool!... I would probably

just disconnect the wire to the  coolant temp sensor

it will then run continuous as well, just that I have to deal 

with check engine light being on then all the time... and

it probably won't pass inspection..... but that is when I

would just plug the fan in.


Regards, Grannie

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