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SVT 1914's quest for 12's!


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Ok, so finally, after 3 years of waiting, planning, saving, and having things fall into my lap, i'll finally have another 3L in my car after running with a 2.5 since late 2012. I purchased a parts car that came with a 3L Hybrid with 3L valves and a rod shift trans with a Quaife. The parts car goes in for disassembly this coming weekend to evaluate what all i can use from the car (runs and drives.)

Anyone who knows the car knows i have it set up for autocross, and that will be the primary use for the car, but if feel like no one has been trying for this goal after it has been deemed "Impossible" so here i am trying to do it, and do it on an all motor setup.

Plans for the motor/motor mods:
3L valves
Port heads
New rod bearings
MSDS headers and y pipe
cam regrinds (already sent out)
Gutted LIM
Bigger throttle body
UIM ported to match TB
9lb Fidanza flywheel
21lb-36lb injectors
255lph SVT Focus fuel pump
No cats, Magnaflow resonator, side pipe single exit

Trans mods:
Swap to rod shift
Quaife differential
DSS Axles
Stock 4.06 FD

Suspension mods:
D2 coil overs
4bolt LCAs
Tubular rear toe arms
Boxed rear control arms
All poly bushings in the rear suspension
21mm Bat rear sway bar

Brake Mods:
13" Cobra front brakes
300mm rear FSVT brakes

Weight saving mods:
Power steering delete (build my own manual rack with stock steering ratio)
A/C delete
Gutted trunk (Spare, carpets, jack, etc)
Cruise control delete
Power antenna delete
CF/FG Evo hood

Right now, the car weighs right around 2950lbs w/o driver. I'm shooting for closer to 2900lbs or less. Eventually i'll be getting Corbeau seats to shave more weight. Car is still running a full interior with power seat, windows, door locks, and sunroof.

Goals for HP and torque are right around 250whp and 220wtq.

Car as she sits right now.

22901055660_f1198a3767_k.jpgIMG_7086-1 by Mark Hetrick, on Flickr

22828883659_44ba3e6162_k.jpgIMG_7091-1 by Mark Hetrick, on Flickr

22802690707_a2c7430820_k.jpgIMG_7095-1 by Mark Hetrick, on Flickr

22802596897_0dc6b46c8e_k.jpg_MG_7003-1 by Mark Hetrick, on Flickr

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BEAUTIFUL car. I like how you started the weight shaving with that rear driver side JPC delete. 


What else are you considering about the front end and wheel hop/hook up? Figuring to look for drag radials? The axle upgrade will be tested if you get grip, but how do you pray for 12.99 without a good launch? 


With that main cat delete, you could consider avoiding that Y pipe constriction entirely. 


Will THMS do a shift mod on it? 


I'm assuming you'll get a programmable pcm chip and an appointment with an ace tuner with a dyno. Are you figuring to run 92 octane? Or higher?


FWIW, some guy around Portland years ago got 211 fwhp out of a modded 2.5, there is knowledge out there to get 250 hp/220 tq or even better out of a 3L, and aim to get far under 2900 lbs., I'd say inflate the hell out of your rear tires. If you had koni adjustables I'd put the rears on full stiff. You'll be messing around a lot with your fronts looking for what works best for you.  


Sorry about spending your money for you on a stack of other mods. 


Best of luck, be sure to update us when it's practice at the track time. 

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As for the wheel hop/hooking, i'll be running a tubular front LCA now instead of 4 bolt. The rod shift trans that i was going to be swapping in was no good, so the tubular arms will help a lot. I'm also planning on running a true drag slick (bias ply.) Drag radials have hard sidewalls that dont flex during the launch. The flex of a bias ply tire will help it hook better, and put less stress on the axles.

I plan to keep the single exit exhaust for now. I may take and modify a y pipe and make it dual dumps right under the drivers seat just as a drag setup.

The trans that i will be swapping in (I had 3 LSD transmissions) shifts like butter and has a newer style factory keyed tower.

I will be running an XCAL4. I run 93 octane in the car, and plan to keep it there until i bump the CR up higher, then i'd like to switch to E85

I do plan to shave more weight as time goes on. I know racing seats will help a lot. I do know to inflate the hell out of the rears, and i have skinnier, lighter wheels/tires for the rear. I also run D2 coil overs and they'll be set to full stiff for sure!

I appreciate all of your input!


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